Sandy Hook Case Violates the Constitution as Alex Jones Is Fined $965 Million for Speech

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Daren Beattie, a former Trump adviser, said that the $965 million jury award in the Sandy Hook case against Alex Jones sets a dangerous legal precedent that has a chilling effect of silencing people speaking out against the regime. He said that Americans should be allowed to question national tragedies with political implications, especially when politicians use a significant event to pass extreme legislation such as gun control. Beattie said that Alex Jones was only recently targeted for financial destruction following his support fro Trump and the 2016 election. He added that it is cynical to use grieving families to silence political opposition. He warned against feelings being used to rewrite the Constitution.

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3 months ago

What about the MAIN VICTIMS –ADAM Lanza and NANCY Lanza and primarily Peter Lanza — since IN MY OPINION the Sandy Hook massacre was a bankers’ mafiosi hit to SHUT UP PETER LANZA who had failed to protect the BANKERS’ mafiosi operatives in the LIBOR SCANDAL TRIAL and those operatives got put away for serious prison time…. Just like the bankers sent their hitmen to massacre a theater full of Batman fans and frame a kid [medical student actually] in order to tie the hands of the kid’s FATHER …. in that case Robert Holmes was the lead scientist for… Read more »

Michael Watland
Michael Watland
3 months ago

I have learned a lot about Alex Jones from what he does not say, and what if Sandy Hook was a attempt to disarm Americans and used paid actors, then it would not be far fetched to assume the trial of Alex Jones could be fake too.