Ben Shapiro Dismantles The Moral Case for Socialism

Ben Shapiro dismantles the moral case for socialism. In short, it is immoral to steal from people even if you do it by voting instead of by gunpoint. He says that capitalism is forced altruism, whereby each party exchanges something of value based on mutual consent. This is a collection of video segments taken from his speeches – and they pack a wallop, including his analysis of why Nordic countries are not poster children for socialism, like many people believe.

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Ben speaks of “stealing” the money/labor of wealthy folk like Bill Gates being immoral. What is immoral is the pay gap between the average worker and CEO pay and it’s radical divergence from historical norm beginning in the mythical wonder years of Reaganism, going from about 30-40 times average workers pay to now in the range of 350 + times average workers pay. Who’s stealing who’s pay, Ben?


Yup, Shapiro’s right-on in every point. He’s the only one I’ve heard, BESIDES ME, who labels bad social process and bad human actions with MORAL labels. Why is labeling bad policies, actions and social process with MORAL labels necessary? B/c MORALS forms the BACKBONE of a nation’s UNITY. Morals IS the backbone. Nothing else can substitute for MORALS. Ethics is a branch of Morals. Values is part of ethics. Far as Bill Gates is concerned: He’s a criminal. He made his riches in a RIGGED criminal syndicate which he contributes to in order to perpetuate it so other criminals can… Read more »