Meghan McCain Explodes at Joy Behar on ‘The View’ TV Show, Saying It’s Dangerous to Normalize Socialism! However….


Meghan McCain challenged Joy Behar, who advocates socialism, to contribute 90% of her paycheck to taxes to fund socialist programs that have a long history of economic failure and human suffering. Meghan pointed out that Venezuela is a wealthy country in terms of assets and natural resources, yet citizens there have lost an average of 24 pounds of body weight and are starving due to failed socialist policies. When Behar mentioned Scandinavian socialism, Meghan said that tiny countries with small populations cannot be compared to the US. [She didn’t explain why that is so, but she did not mention that these countries are heavily subsidized by oil production, similar to oil-rich Arab countries, and would be flat broke without that windfall. When the oil wells run dry, so will Scandinavian socialism.]  More than half of millennials identify themselves as socialists, yet only 16% can explain what it is.

[At first, we decided to skip over this shouting match but decided to keep it, not because Meghan’s critique of socialism was profound, but because Whoopee Goldberg’s opening statement about the difference between a Democrat and a socialist was hilariously characteristic of those who are politically illiterate and use words they cannot define. If anyone is interested in my attempt to put all these undefinable words into context of an ideological clash between collectivism and individualism, my essay can be found here.] -GEG

The Chasm

By G. Edward Griffin

Read G. Edward Griffin’s full essay, The Chasm, here…

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Ronald BlewettsePAP
Ronald BlewettsePAP
2 years ago

Its curious since the reference to the Scandinavian countries reveals more ignorance on both sides of this debate. They are not practising socialism, they are social democracies, who have elevated systems of healthcare and education based on spending money raised by excessive taxes, they also practise capitalism, as opposed to Venezuela in which the government has seized the means of production, and indeed is just one more example of a failed ideology. However nitwits like Behar, and Goldberg still use their bully platform to display their ignorance, much to the benefit of those of us who would strive for the… Read more »

2 years ago

Females at their pure nature….quak,quak,quak…………..