Politico’s Report Against Hezbollah Was Designed to Incite War Against Hezbollah and Iran

Politico published a report accusing Hezbollah of trafficking drugs into the US. The motive behind this report is to demonize the Lebanese military/ political organization that is affiliated with Iran.  The motive for this fabrication is to scrap Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran and incite all-out war.
Politico, a left-leaning website, published a long article that suggests the Obama administration prevented a full investigation into Hezbollah, a military force and political party in Lebanon.  The investigation was named ‘Project Cassandra’.  The article claims that Hezbollah teamed up with Colombian drug cartels to smuggle cocaine into the United States and then laundered the money by shipping used cars from American dealerships to West Africa.  The article paints Hezbollah as a global crime syndicate.
Hezbollah recently helped fight against ISIS in Syria and has gained strength by the defeat of ISIS. Hezbollah has received support from Iran.  The timing of this report coincides with a campaign to demonize Obama’s Iran Deal.  For years, neo-cons in the deep state and Israel have agitated for war against Iran.
The key DEA investigators, John Asher, Jack Kelly, and other unnamed sources for this report, make false and inflated claims. For example, a Hezbollah operative named “Ghost” is alleged to have supplied chemical weapons for use by Syrian President Bashar Assad against his own people, but this does not make sense.  The chemical sarin attack linked in the Politico report took place in Syria on April 4, 2017, which was attributed to Assad before it was even investigated, and the event was used to justify President Trump ordering the bombing Syria.  Theodore Postol, professor emeritus of science, technology, and national security policy at MIT, says that if the gas attack did happen, it is very unlikely that Assad did it.  In addition, an earlier gas attack was determined to have been perpetrated by US-backed Syrian rebels.

In Part Two of the report, an unnamed source admitted that agents from the FBI, DOJ and DEA accused Asher and Kelly of inflating their claims and connections to expand the task force’s portfolio, get more funding and establish its importance.

Politico’s article rehashes an article that made similar claims that was published this summer by the Washington Free Beacon, which receives major funding from billionaire Paul Singer.  Singer has been recently exposed as the initial client of Fusion GPS who requested the opposition research against Trump that resulted in the dossier that has been discredited and is now under investigation by Congress.  Politico’s article is propaganda designed to lead America into a war against Hezbollah and Iran.

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