Liberal Actor and director, Rob Reiner, Has Joined with Neoconservatives To Call for War with Russia

Fox News
Actor and director, Rob Reiner, and other Hollywood liberals have joined forces with pro-war neoconservatives to investigate alleged Russian interference in the last election. His produced a video that sends the message that America already is at war with Russia and urges Americans to support more aggressive action. Tucker Carlson asks Reiner why he is not concerned about China, which actually has done everything that Reiner thinks Russia might have done.  Reiner cannot answer, which proves that Reiner is merely playing anti-Trump politics.  –GEG


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8 Comments on "Liberal Actor and director, Rob Reiner, Has Joined with Neoconservatives To Call for War with Russia"

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Peter Palms
Short term fiat currencies contain the inevitable risk of containing no collateral and their ability to repay becomes more inevitable the longer they last and this one has lasted 103 years the first three didn’t make it past the first 5 year Congressional renewal vote. If gold backed total global debt 100 percent, it would be valued at $33,900 per ounce because the total amount of gold exhumed in the history of the world is approximately 183,600 tonnes, or 5.9 billion ounces. If we take that figure and multiply it by the closing price on June 16, $1,181 per… Read more »
Peter Palms

Who is interfering in our elections Russia or Israel.

terry shead

Are you Americans stupid the deep state want a war and you need a revolution before we all get blown up?

William Burke


Liam Mullins

It’s not a coincidence that Rob Reiner is a Zionist Jew. These people are behind all the wars in the Middle East and now the Zioglobalists want to have a bash at Russia. The NeoCon PNAC gang were mostly Jews; Kagan, Kristol, Feith, Zackheim, Newlands, Richard Pearl et al. Wake up America, 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Now the Jews want your sons to be slaughtered for them in a war with Putin.