Trump Administration Cancels Nuclear Arms Treaty with Russia

February 7, 2019 City News 1

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the Trump administration is pulling the plug on the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia, claiming that Moscow “shamelessly” violated the 1987 agreement. Russia says the US invented that fiction so it could have an excuse to clear the way to develop new missiles.


Russia Charges US Citizen with Espionage

January 4, 2019 ZeroHedge 0

Russia arrested US citizen, Paul Whelan, a 48-year-old US Marine and head of security at auto-parts maker, BorgWarner. He is charged with “espionage” while on a personal trip in Moscow.


Banned Movie Shows American-Born Billionaire, Bill Browder, Not As A Warrior against Russian Corruption, But As The Corrupted One Himself

July 26, 2018 Andrei Nekrasov 10

A documentary film, The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes, shows Bill Browder, an American billionaire, as the schemer in a Russian tax fraud case and that led to a law that imposes sanctions on Russia rather than the crusader has been effectively banned in the US by Browder’s attorneys who threaten law suits against any theater or video outlet that considers presenting it to the public.