Another Biased Lawyer Discovered on Mueller’s Witch Hunt Investigation Team

December 8, 2017 Fox News 0

More bias in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia Trump collusion investigation has been discovered as a lawyer on his team, Aaron Zebley, was once an attorney for Hillary Clinton’s IT aide Justin Cooper. Zebley, described as Mueller’s ‘right hand man’, played a defense role and a federal investigation into Hillary Clinton, and is now playing an offense of role and a federal investigation against President Trump. […]


“Cloud” of Radioactive Pollution Hovers over Europe

November 24, 2017 Clean Technica 0

On November 9th, the French nuclear safety institute IRSN reported that a ‘cloud’ of radioactive pollution was hovering over much of Europe, with the speculation being that an ‘accident’ likely had occurred at a nuclear facility located either in Russia or in Kazakhstan. The Russian meteorological service now indirectly confirms this speculation by revealing that it is measuring levels of the radioactive isotope, ruthenium 106, at 1,000 times higher than normal in the Ural Mountains. […]