Pro-Russian Mayor in South Eastern Ukraine Shot Dead after He Was Detained by Officials

Mayor Vlodymyr Struk, Youtube
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Vlodymyr Struk, the pro-Russian Mayor of Kreminna in Luhansk in eastern Ukraine, which is populated by mostly Russian-speaking people, was found dead from a gunshot to the heart and left in the street after he was reportedly kidnapped from his home a day earlier. His wife claimed he was taken by unidentified people in camouflage clothing.

The Luhansk People’s Republic is a self-proclaimed breakaway state located within eastern Ukraine that was established in 2014 by pro-Russian separatists. 

The Pro-Russian mayor Vlodymyr Struk was found dead in the street of Kreminna in Luhansk eastern Ukraine after he was reportedly detained a day earlier.

His wife claimed he was taken by unidentified people in camouflage clothing a day earlier.

The Daily Mail reported:

The pro-Russian mayor of a city in eastern Ukraine who welcomed President Vladimir Putin‚Äôs invasion was ‚Äėshot dead‚Äô after being kidnapped from his home, it has been announced.

Vlodymyr Struk, of Kreminna in Luhansk, was killed on Tuesday and suffered a ‚Äėgunshot wound to the heart‚Äô after he was ‚Äėabducted from his home‚Äô, according to his wife.

Announcing the news on Facebook, the adviser for Interior Minister of Ukraine, Anton Gerashchenko claimed Mr Struk was a ‚ÄėLuhansk People‚Äôs Republic supporter‚Äô (LPR) and actively pursued a ‚Äėpro-Russian position‚Äô in the last week by ‚Äėcommunicating with the Russian Federation‚Äô.

The adviser for Interior Minister of Ukraine alleged that Mr Struk ‚Äėwas judged by the court of the people‚Äôs tribunal‚Äô and called him a ‚Äėtraitor‚Äô.

He also claimed Ukraine has not been able to ‚Äėdo anything with Struk for the past eight years‚Äô since Moscow-backed separatists have controlled the southeastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk ‚Äď collectively known as Donbas.

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Milton Farrow
Milton Farrow
11 months ago

This is very “small? man on the world stage , who was treated very badly by Our state Department-It was a given that most of us who knew anything about geo-politics, that once the Crimea was taken by force– this was the next aggressive
action– HE WANTS TO COMPETE ON THE WORLD STAGE AS STALIN ONCE DID-our state departments is comprised of war-mangers and has-beens

Fastt Ed
Fastt Ed
11 months ago
Reply to  Milton Farrow

And why do we even HAVE a state dept. ?

11 months ago

Once again, organised murder of Russian people in Ukraine gets a pass from the western media and political puppet governments.

11 months ago

Please be careful what you believe. We seem to allow emotion to determine the direction of our belief and then we cling to that belief, build a wall, and never listen to other info preventing us from learning. MSM seems to be portraying Ukraine as innocent victim, yet alternative media keeps presenting info that APPEARS to be leaked and suggests Ukraine will deserve what they get. Stories about how it APPEARS that Ukraine citizens assassinated this Mayor, or how the Ukraine gov’t has publicly stated a couple times that they will murder Russian soldiers or commit war crimes. They are… Read more »