Silicon Valley Closes Down Communications and PayPal Accounts of White Nationalist

Chris Cantwell
Chris Cantwell, an outspoken white nationalist internet shock jock who is being characterized as a Nazi, has been cut off from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and the OK Cupid dating site.  He claims his PayPal account was closed and that he is being shut out of the financial system because of his views. [Regardless of what we may think about Cantwell’s views, this should worry every American. At the rate things are going, if you speak in opposition to government policy or political correctness, soon you will be without employment, without access to financial transactions, and without a means to communicate beyond word of mouth. That is the face of modern tyranny. Ready to do something about it?] -GEG

Facebook has banned the Facebook and Instagram accounts of a white nationalist who attended the rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that ended in deadly violence.

Facebook spokeswoman Ruchika Budhraja tells The Associated Press that the profile pages of Christopher Cantwell have been removed as well as a page connected to his podcast. Cantwell was featured in a Vice News documentary about the rally and its aftermath.

Facebook has also removed at least eight pages connected to the white nationalist movement over what Budhraja says were violations on the company’s polices on hate speech and organizations.

Cantwell, of Keene, New Hampshire, was listed on rally flyers and labeled an extremist by the Southern Poverty Law Center. A former information technology worker who moved to New Hampshire from New York in 2012, the 36-year-old Cantwell describes himself as a white nationalist and said he voted for President Donald Trump. He has a podcast and blog that promote his views.

Cantwell says Facebook shut down his account in an attempt to silence him for his views. He also said his PayPal account had been closed. The company wouldn’t confirm that because it has a policy of not commenting on the status of accounts.

“I’m not surprised by almost any of this because the whole thing we are complaining about here is that we are trying to express our views, and everybody is going through extraordinary lengths to make sure we are not heard,” Cantwell said in a phone interview from an undisclosed location.

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This is Communism (Fascism). O.K., you are not enchanted with what he has to say, but you are not being forced to listen to him. You shut him down. O.K. Are you going to also shut down anybody in the other hate groups involved in the Charlottesville mêlée (i.e. Antifa and BLM)?


The fascist dictators are getting nervous about people waking up and seeing the true web of relationships sickos develop with other people on both the left and the right. By scrubbing Cantwell we are supposed to believe he had no friends that helped him. I think some deep state insiders were goading him to do this and now the evidence is scrubbed.


This is typical of totalitarian governments. This is exactly what the IRS does to you if you don’t pay the federal individual income tax (when you don’t owe it). They shut down your ability to earn a living by interfering with your work relationships through intimidating the party with whom you contract. IT’S ALL DONE INDIRECTLY so they can say, “we didn’t do anything of the sort!” Yeah, they didn’t DIRECTLY damage your livelihood, but they POLITICALLY killed you, so now you’re CIVILLY DEAD (= “corruption of blood” – read the organic laws of the USA and study their origins).… Read more »