G. Edward Griffin Questions Theory That Bankers Were Behind JFK Assassination

G. Edward Griffin questions the theory that bankers were behind the JFK assassination. The theory is that JFK was trying to end the Fed by creating debt-free, silver-backed money through Executive Order 11110, and the bankers saw this as a threat to their monopoly over the money supply. This theory, however, is not supported by the facts.  Executive order 11110 merely authorized the US Treasury Secretary to issue new Treasury notes to replace old currency, and actually gave more power to banks. It was part of a move to remove silver certificates from the monetary system. JFK was a graduate of the Fabian London School of Economics, which is internationally recognized as a training center for global collectivism. Contrary to wishful thinking by Kennedy admirers, his political career shows that he never wavered from that ideology. –GEG
To read Mr. Griffin’s full explanation of this issue, click here.



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Kevin Courtright
Kevin Courtright

You gentlemen are definitely challenging my previous assumptions, and with great authority, certainly, in light of Mr. Griffin’s insights. I would ask this, however: 1) Didn’t Marrs assert that Kennedy was trying to retreat back to gold-backed currency, and that was the reason for the withdrawal of silver certificates, or did I misunderstand that?; 2) Why, if Kennedy’s actions were actually retaining the dealings with the Fed, were the “notes” he had printed labeled as United States Notes, rather than Federal Reserve Notes? That part confuses me. Thanks in advance for your time, and for your on-going work. It’s much… Read more »


The issue boils down to whether Kennedy intended to withdraw any part of the money supply from federal reserve control. So far there is no actual evidence that he acted on such an intention, if he actually had it. Marrs doesn’t source his assertions. Could Kennedy have ordered the printing of extra united states notes without an executive order? Did he have the power to do that? GEG might have an answer!

Henry Heymering
Henry Heymering

Then why did the Fed recall all of JFK’s US Dollars and replace them with FRNs immediately after JFK’s assassination?


Daddy Bush


If I were to write a fictional thriller that was based on the Kennedy assassination I would craft it to show that his murder was the agreed upon price paid to the Soviet Union for backing down during the Cuban missile crisis. I would write that a powerful group, represented by, let’s say, a Rockefeller, picked up the telephone and made the deal to stop what was hopefully the closest the will USA ever come to full-out nuclear bombs dropping on the US homeland. Did it happen this way for real? Well I don’t know that for sure, but occam’s… Read more »