Mainstream Media Calls MS-13 Gang Members Who Brutally Hacked 4 NY Teens To Death “Undocumented Immigrants”

ICE/ Fox News

Long Island, New York: MS-13 gang violence appears to be responsible for the murders of four teens who were brutally beaten and hacked to death with machetes.  The gang has its roots in illegal immigration from El Salvador and Central America.  The US war on drugs and drug prohibition draws criminals seeking to dominate the highly profitable black market. –GEG

In a related story, Steve Levy , the former Executive of Suffolk County in New York, says that the MS-13 gang from El Salvador is growing by leaps and bounds across the US, which is believed to be due to Obama’s policy to allow hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied minors to flood the border in 2013 and 2014.  He said that there are at least 2500 unchaperoned minors on Long Island alone, which has led to children being threatened in school, in addition to the murder of a dozen young people in the past year in two local communities.  The MS-13 gang becomes the family for young  men who join and they are extremely vicious.  Mr. Levy left the Democratic party as he sees them as the “party of open borders’ which is producing serious consequences.  He calls for the end of political correctness because it has stopped the news from reporting on the problem, and removing the criminals from the US.

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It is possible that Trump may be the preferred candidate of the deep state because he will have far more support of the American people than Biden would when the President declares martial law. That IS the end game of the deep state. Look up the definition of ‘controlled opposition’ and read it twice.


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