Battle For White House Rages Between Nationalists And Globalists

April 13, 2017 David Knight, InfoWars 1

Republicans are disappointed by cosmetic revisions to Obamacare instead of outright repeal. There also is infighting at the White House between Steve Bannon, who represents nationalism and dismantling of the bureaucratic state (draining the swamp) versus Kushner (Trump’s son-in-law) and Ivanka (Trump’s daughter), who represent globalism and the all-powerful bureaucracy. […]


Trump Gave “Total Authorization” To The Military Who Dropped The Mother Of All Non-Nuclear Bombs Against ISIS In Afghanistan

President Trump declined to say if he personally signed off on dropping the largest non-nuclear bomb ever, with a 21,600-pound payload, on an ISIS tunnel network in Afghanistan. If this is true, it adds credibility to the suspicion that there has been a silent coup by the military-industrial complex, and Trump is Commander-in Chief in name only. […]


Sweden: After The Recent Truck Attack, The Cry Is Being Raised To Ban Cars And Trucks To Stop Terrorism!

April 13, 2017 ZeroHedge 3

Sweden: Following the recent truck attack in Stockholm, a Swedish tabloid, Aftonbladet, called for banning cars and trucks because they can be deadly weapons for terrorists. Reducing the number of vehicles in Sweden was endorsed last month by Karolina Skog, the Environment Minister, who said that driving is a gender-equality issue, because more men drive than women, and reducing driving would also reduce carbon emissions. […]


‘Hate Crime’ Blamed On White Trump Supporter Is Exposed As A Lie. Surveillance Camera Shows Crime Committed By Black Man.

Charlotte, North Carolina: An Indian immigrant from Bhutan who owns a small market was threatened in a letter left behind after a fire was set at his store. The note mentioned Trump, warned the immigrant to go back where he came from, and was signed “White America”. Surveillance video shows that the “white racist” Trump-supporter was a black man. […]


List Of 206 Organizations Funded By George Soros That Are Operating In The US

These organizations are directly funded by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. Many of them have mission statements that sound high minded and worthy of support, but all of them are committed to goals and projects that are based on the leftist model of collectivism. Their primary appeal is to focus on problems in our society with little disclosure of the kind of society they hope to create. […]


Russian President Putin Accuses ‘Enemies Of Assad’ Of Planning False-Flag Chemical Attacks

April 11, 2017 John Hayward, Breitbart 0

Russian President Putin declared that the recent chemical attack in Idlib, Syria, was a false-flag event, which is an operation staged by one government to make it look like it was committed by another. He said his intelligence sources report that anti-Assad militants are transporting toxic agents into several parts of Syria with the intent of blaming Assad. […]