GEG Commentary

Shocking Video – Platoons of Heavily Armed Men Easily Walk into US from Mexico.

September 14, 2018 Daily Caller 3

The ranch owner has has repeatedly warned the government not to leave long stretches of the southwest border secured by nothing more than a barbed-wire fence. [In spite of brave talk in Washington DC about stopping illegal immigration, the government has done nothing to stop this armed invasion. Why do we have soldiers in over a hundred countries in the world but none at the Chilton ranch?]


New US federal budget Has No Money For The Wall But Plenty for Planned Parenthood

May 3, 2017 Breitbart 1

Donald Trump’s campaign promises are fading from minds of the Republican leaders who supported him and who now control both the House and Senate. The budget actually prohibits Trump’s border wall and fails to cut funding for the EPA. It provides funding for Planned Parenthood, sanctuary cities, and Obamacare subsidies. Trump asked for – and received $21-billion in funding to expand the military.