Betrayal? President Trump Has Failed to Deliver the Wall and Now Is Promoting DACA Amnesty

US Commentator, Gary Gileno, argues that President Trump is following the path of most recent presidents by failing to deliver on his important campaign promises. His support of gun control, 5G technology, and amnesty for illegal aliens are examples. He promised to terminate Obama’s amnesties such as DACA, which protects those illegally brought to the US as children. However, in September 2017, he handed the issue to Congress to decide. Many months later, DACA expired, but the delay gave time for pro-DACA supporters to file a lawsuit that made it possible for a judge to restore the program. With firm control over both houses of Congress, Trump had the opportunity to shut down the government to pressure Democrats into funding the wall. Instead of standing firm, he offered amnesty for DACA in exchange for the wall. And now, he is preparing to abandon the wall altogether. Gileno says that Trump is following in the footsteps of President Reagan who also gave amnesty to illegal aliens. Republican leaders speak against amnesty but, after the speeches are over and they are in office, they support the programs of their Democrat opponents. -GEG

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Betrayal? President Trump Has Failed to Deliver the Wall and Now Is Promoting DACA Amnesty | WeAreChangeTV.US
2 years ago

[…] 31, 2018 waceb No Comments This post was originally published on this […]

2 years ago

I’s Not Over til it’s Over! Trump Knew they would not accept the deal. He was not betraying anyone. He was setting the Dem’s up to expose themselves even more. People will be less sympathetic with them and less likely to wine about their impending arrests. Trump already has the money. He had it all along in the Defense Budget. He planned for this. He wants to expose these corrupt politicians and do it in a way that they expose themselves. When he finally releases the dirt that he has had on them for a very long time, people will… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Taylor

i’ll believe it when it actually happens, til then it is just the same hot air that the establishment has been spewing since ancient egypt.