President Trump Invited Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to a Live-Streamed Television Debate on Funding the Wall

Live debate on TV between Trump, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Youtube
President Trump met with Democratic Congressmen Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in the Oval Office and had cameras streaming the political theater in a live feed for the sake of transparency as he asked for funding for the border wall and threatened to shut down the government if they refused to concede to his demands. Neither Pelosi nor Schumer wanted to admit that Democrats are against the wall, because the left gains votes from immigrants. There are an estimated 22-million illegal aliens in the US, and Tucker Carlson points out that Republican politicians also welcome immigrants because they provide cheap labor for their corporate donors. However, the American people want their borders protected. President Trump has failed to build the wall, which was the primary reason he was elected two years ago. Trump has threatened to shut down the government, reject spending bills that do not include funding for the wall, and use the military to build the wall, but he has caved in and failed to follow through on any of these threats. This is his last chance before Democrats rule the House, but his past performance indicates he will back off again. -GEG



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