Censored News: Kentucky Passed SB 8 into Law Allowing Opt-Out of COVID  Experimental Vaccines, Even During an ‘Emergency’

Other bills filed in Kentucky would bar the government from requiring any person to get a vaccine, prohibit employers from requiring a vaccine, ban discrimination against an employee who declines to get a vaccination, and prohibit colleges from requiring students to be vaccinated except for students in health care programs.


Mandated Vaccinations, What You Will Need to Say “NO!”

April 24, 2020 Jerry Day 5

You can download this notice-of-liability form to give to anyone who tries to force vaccines. The document acts as an insurance policy if anything goes wrong because it is proof of your objection to the vaccination and, thereby, makes the administrators of the vaccine personally subject to penalty and prosecution.


How Anti-Vaccine Activists Doomed a Bill in New Jersey

January 29, 2020 New York Times 1

The bill was torpedoed after a vigorous campaign by angry parents, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish group and anti-vaccine celebrities rallied to outmatch those pushing the bill. Social media allowed opponents to reach directly into lawmakers’ private lives and some politicians’ family members were contacted by phone.