Police Stand Down Seen As Strategy to Encourage Violence So Citizens Will Welcome Martial Law

Fox News
Fox News reporter, Doug McKelway, says that people on both sides of the melee in Charlottsville, showed up wearing helmets and body armor and carrying clubs. He said that police did nothing when wounded individuals passed them. State police left the area when protesters threw tear gas at them. They had a chance to nip that in the bud, but chose not to do so. InfoWars reporters say that urine was thrown at them, they were pepper sprayed, and physically attacked, but police did nothing to protect them. Instead they forced the reporters to exit the area directly through Antifa ranks where they were targets for more violence.

[Do not be surprised at any of this. Remember, the goal of the Soros group and the Deep State is not to prevent violence, but to encourage it. Violence from both sides and the appearance of civil war is essential before people watching it on TV will welcome martial law as the ‘solution’.  The entirety of the violence comes from an extremely small percentage of the population, but TV makes it seem like a national crisis. Many of these thugs are bused from one place to another, and few of those would even show up if they were not paid. This is not a revolutionary movement. It is theater being staged to mask a political coup d’état.] –GEG


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