Jewish Law Professor Accuses ADL of Fudging Statistics To Make Anti-Semitism Appear More Prevalent Than It Really Is

November 5, 2018 Information Liberation 2

The ADL said that anti-Semitism, including “wild anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jewish financiers like George Soros manipulating world events,” must be censored and stopped and that there has been a 57% increase in harassment, vandalism, and violence in 2017. In response, professor David Bernstein wrote that the ADL’s study is false.


Censorship Has Won, the Banning of Gab Proves It

October 28, 2018 Tim Pool 1

Gab is being accused of allowing people to be radicalized on their platform and are being smeared.  The shut-down of Gab shows that it may be impossible for a social media site that opposes censorship to compete with the tech giants.