Senate Advances Bill that Penalizes Companies that Boycott Israel

January 31, 2019 Washington Times 0

The bill gives state and local governments the ability to penalize companies that boycott Israel. Companies that oppose Israeli occupation of Palestine will go out of business when they lose government contracts. Both parties in 26 states have passed laws against companies participating in boycotts against Israel.


Louisiana Becomes the 25th State to Ban Boycotts on Israel

May 28, 2018 United With Israel 4

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards issued an executive order that requires the state to terminate all contracts with individuals or companies that currently boycott Israel or support those who do. Future state contracts will require parties to sign an agreement stating their compliance with the new law.  This law may violate the Constitution of Louisiana that protects Freedom of Expression.


Israel Sues New Zealanders for Free Speech in New Zealand

February 8, 2018 Alalraby 0

Israel is suing two New Zealanders for exercising freedom of speech inside their own country by posting an open letter requesting Lorde to boycott performances in Israel. Israel passed a law in 2011 that criminalizes the advocacy of boycotting its businesses. The government now is moving beyond its borders and seeking to punish boycotters in other countries as well. [That the Israeli government would seek to protect its own commerce is understandable, but that other governments would not protect the freedom-of-speech of their own citizens is bizarre.]


Israel Will Spend $72 Million to Fight against BDS Boycotts with New Program

January 4, 2018 JPost 1

Israel will create a civilian infrastructure (described as ‘civil-society’) that seeks to change the present social order, usually ending in regime change, yet it operates outside of government. In other words, it is revolution by people who do not wear military uniforms. Some examples of civil-society organizations include PACs, unions, activist organizations, religious groups, and private service agencies. Activities of Israel’s ‘civil society’ will include public-relations campaigns, funding trips to Israel for opinion-leaders, and lobbying legislators.