Hamas Rape Claims Debunked. Israeli Media Admits Atrocity Propaganda Was Fabricated.

Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenthal. X screenshot

Gal Abdush, an Israeli woman who was killed in an explosion from an Israeli Hellfire missile or a Hamas RPG, was used by the New York Times to promote a narrative that Hamas had a pattern of vicious rape slaughters. Abdush’s family said that Gal was not raped and it would have been impossible to rape her within a 4-minute timeline before she was killed. The family said that the media invented the story. In other purported rape cases, the Israeli police reported that they struggled to find victims and witnesses of Hamas rapes.

The Israeli media outlet, Channel 13, exposed lies about atrocities committed by Hamas, such as babies hung on a clothesline. Mickey Rosenthal, an Israeli police spokesman, who spread lies himself, said that the lies were ‘to increase the magnitude of hatred for Hamas.’ Propaganda is used to gain support for war. He said that the media is a part of war and may be the most important factor.


From Information Liberation:

Israeli media outlet Channel 13 is now openly admitting that Israeli officials made up Hamas atrocity propaganda about babies on October 7 being killed en masse, baked in an oven and so on to drum up support for Israel’s war in Gaza.

“Enough time has passed since October 7 for Israeli media to state what we’ve been saying for over three months, which is that Israel’s military and political leadership fabricated many of the grisliest Hamas atrocities in order to generate support for the genocidal war it planned in Gaza,” Max Blumenthal noted on X. “Here, a Channel 13 panel including Mickey Rosenthal, the longtime Israeli police spokesman who spread many such lies after October 7, acknowledges that lurid stories of babies hung on clotheslines, a fetus cut from a pregnant woman, a baby baked in an oven, and more were invented ‘to increase the magnitude of hatred for Hamas.’ As Rosenthal put it, ‘The war is not only military, not only political, it’s mainly media.’ ”

“Channel 13 manages to elicit a statement of contrition from the IDF spokesman, who apologizes for ‘describ[ing] a reality that didn’t happen.’ Of course, confessions like these are easy when the damage has already been done.”

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Summary by JW Williams

Investigative journalist Max Blumenthal called out the New York Times on January 10 for its dubious claims of Hamas rapes in the Times’ article “Screams Without Words: How Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence on October 7.” The NY Times tried to build a story using Gal Abdush, who died in an explosion on October 7, that was either caused by an Israeli Hellfire missile or a Hamas RPG. She was used as symbol to show that Hamas had a pattern of committing vicious rape slaughters. Critics believe that the story was used to promote hatred against Hamas to justify Israel’s war on Gaza.

However, the sister of Gal Abdush, Miral Alter, stated in a January 2 Instagram comment that “she was not raped… There was no proof that there was rape, it was only a video.” She also pointed out that the timeline between Gal’s last message to the family and the time of her reported murder made it impossible for a rape to occur: “How in 4 minutes [were] they also raped and burned [?]” Gal Abdush’s family said that the media invented the story.

In addition, Israeli police struggled to find victims and witnesses of sexual assault by Hamas.

Hamas did initiate the attack on October 7 and 1,200 Israelis were killed in the attack. Critics, including Mickey Rosenthal, say that the false stories of brutality are used to gain support for Israel in its war against Gaza. We have previously reported that Israel funded Hamas and that Israel was warned by multiple sources before the attack.

It is important to remember that the New York Times has a history of printing stories without evidence to provoke the US into war. Judith Miller published false propaganda stories in 2002 that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that was used as the excuse to entangle America into a decades-long war.

Israeli Authorities Admit to Hamas Atrocity Lies

Channel 13, an Israeli media outlet, aired a segment with a panel that included Mickey Rosenthal, the longtime Israeli police spokesman who spread many such lies after October 7, acknowledged that lurid stories of babies hung on clotheslines, a fetus cut from a pregnant woman, a baby baked in an oven, and more were invented ‘to increase the magnitude of hatred for Hamas.’ As Rosenthal put it, ‘The war is not only military, not only political, it’s mainly media, and I’m not sure it’s not the most important part.”

Max Blumenthal’s The Gray Zone:      https://thegrayzone.com/2024/01/10/questions-nyt-hamas-rape-report/

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5 months ago

They are used to inventing massacres. Plenty of practice.

5 months ago

Wow, don’t know what to think about this. What we were told was that the Israel border control was lax for many hours when the attacks took place. The supposed means was used to justify the end – Palestinian genocide.

MJRaichyk, PhD
MJRaichyk, PhD
5 months ago

Netanyahu has leftist enemies just like Trump does… and they lie AFTER THEY WERE RESPONSIBLE for the unvetted licenses to ”gazan businesses” that enabled the defense-destroying intel op by Hamas to plan their successful invasion…..
…..and the Israeli POLICE have a major conflict of interest in this sudden turnaround since THEY ARE NOW ON THE HOOK FOR *NOT* PREVENTING THE out-of-control invasion… so that ‘police chief’ is covering his own ass if he can now diminish the atrocities list…
Amazing how much this site can twist itself into knots in order to cover its own bank-based prejudices. ttyl

Rob Muchnick
Rob Muchnick
5 months ago

Right, so all of Hamas’ boasts about the atrocities they committed were false, right? And Hamas going into Jewish towns and murdering people sleeping in their beds is all false, right? I guess all of the videos that Hamas posted showing them doing these things was all false, right? Seriously, Ed, maybe the globalist Israeli Establishment allowed it to happen, but the Arabs actually DID IT. And they enjoyed it. So maybe the asshole Israeli Establishment exaggerated it somewhat. Does that make the 1200 private citizens not still dead? Does that make Hamas good guys now? Or the 98% of… Read more »