Smoking Gun: DHS Whistleblower Exposes Biden Sex-Trafficking Network 

This edited version of Alex Jones’ interview with Carlos Arellano minimizes editorial opinion and enables us to focus on the incredible facts of the story, which we believe speak for themselves.

Whistleblower Carlos Arellano is a former transportation specialist for the Department of Health and Human Services and is the former manager of the largest migrant hotel in New York City.  Arellano gave an interview about the horrors of Biden’s open border and Unaccompanied Children policy and explained that children are being given away to human traffickers and pedophiles. He said that charities that are facilitating these crimes need to be identified and indicted. He gave suggestions on how to stop them by catching and documenting the charities giving children to convicted pedophiles. Some migrant children are being sheltered at empty WalMart stores, shuttered convention centers and sports stadiums that require state permits to run the program, showing that states are complicit. The trafficking centers need to be investigated. Small airports are being used to transport minors. Arellano said that local authorities are hesitant to go after the charities because they also help out with the foster care system.


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