DHS Funds $20 Million to Community Organizations to Identify Americans as ‘Extremists’

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has awarded $20 million in grants to 34 organizations across every level of government and within local communities that include police, mental health providers, universities, churches and school districts. The DHS website listed “Addressing Online Aspects of Targeted Violence and Terrorism” as a priority, which means that online posts will be scrutinized. The grant recipients’ role will be to undergo training in order to flag potential online “extremist” speech of Americans.

The program is focused on spying on law-abiding Americans who the government considers dangerous because they oppose certain policies that may include COVID, vaccines, gun rights, gender and LGBTQ policies, the war in Ukraine, or immigration.


The 34 recipients of the grants are listed at the end of this article.

From Leo Hohmann:

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced on September 6 that $20 million in federal grants (your tax dollars) will be handed out to 34 organizations to “prevent targeted violence and terrorism.”

Since today is the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, you might think these 34 organizations will be focused on al-Qaeda, ISIS or the Iranian Republican Guard Corps. But you would be wrong. They are focused on Americans who dissent from the prevailing narratives coming out of the federal government and its collaborating partners in the corporate media and major social media platforms.

Whether it’s Covid and vaccines, the war in Ukraine, immigration, the Second Amendment, LGBTQ ideology and child-gender confusion, the integrity of our elections, or the issue of protecting life in the womb, you are no longer allowed to hold dissenting opinions and voice them publicly in America. If you do, your own government will take note and consider you a potential “violent extremist” and terrorist.

The $20 million is going to universities, behavioral and mental-health providers, youth services organizations, schools, churches and faith leaders, and state law enforcement agencies. Their job will be to identify political dissidents and foster interventions among those Americans considered to be “going down a path toward violence.”

This money comes from the Department of Homeland Security Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships, or CP3. The program was started in fiscal 2020 and has to date awarded $70 million in grants to private nonprofits, state and local government agencies.

The following is from the Department of Homeland Security press release announcing the $20 million in new grants (notice the emphasis on public health, which is the same emphasis used by the U.N. World Health Organization, an emphasis also used by New Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham in her recent declaration suspending the Second Amendment).

“Created in 2021, CP3 is tasked with strengthening our country’s ability to prevent acts of targeted violence and terrorism nationwide. To help accomplish this mission, CP3 cultivates partnerships across every level of government and within local communities, provides grant funding and prevention training, and promotes greater awareness and understanding of TVTP (Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention) strategies and best practices.  Leveraging a public health-informed approach, CP3 brings together behavioral and mental health providers, educators, faith leaders, social service providers, nonprofits, law enforcement, and other state, local, and community partners to address systemic factors that can lead to violence while strengthening protective factors at the local level that support the safety, well-being, and resiliency of communities in the United States.”

The CP3 program, according to the release, “helps to prevent targeted violence and terrorism through funding, training, increased public awareness, and the development of partnerships across every level of the government, the private sector and in local communities across our country. Leveraging an approach informed by public health research, CP3 brings together mental health providers, educators, faith leaders, public health officials, social services, nonprofits, and others in communities across the country to help people who may be escalating to violence.”

This all sounds wonderful, until you figure out that it’s not focused on actual terrorists or drug cartel members who slip into our country every day from across wide-open borders with intent to harm Americans. It’s focused on spying on law-abiding Americans who the government considers dangerous simply because of their views on various political or social issues.

This program, administered by DHS and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with the full support of Congress, is “the only federal grant program solely dedicated to helping local communities develop and strengthen their capabilities in this area.”

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If your state or locality is receiving money from this program, you may want to investigate further because the abstracts for each grant recipient are composed of extremely vague language (you can see the abstracts of each grant recipient listed at the end of this article).

The 2023 grant program has the following priorities, according to the DHS website:

  • Implementing Prevention Capabilities in Small and Mid-Sized Communities;
  • Advancing Equity in Awards and Engaging Underserved Communities in Prevention;
  • Addressing Online Aspects of Targeted Violence and Terrorism;
  • Preventing Domestic Violent Extremism; and
  • Enhancing Local Threat Assessment and Management Capabilities.

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Dwayne Oxford
Dwayne Oxford
9 months ago

Yup, lucifer’s gestapo.

9 months ago

The dems are out of control felonious traitors

9 months ago

The “Minority Report” Tom Cruise movie, on steroids! Rife for uni-party’s increased political abuses against Constitution abiding and honoring, anti-treason American patriots. How like Klaus Schwab and father’s Nazi Germany this echoes! Be aware there are blue states unopposing illegally trafficked absentee ballots to incarcerated individuals, not eligible by law to vote (including Mexico’s diaspora of illegals ending up there); with one aim: cheat to (permanently) win. Then, “build back better” per fellow globalist autocrat colleague dictates. It’s pretty clear who Barak was chosen and groomed by, for purposes that now are openly revealing themselves. County Sheriffs and their Associations… Read more »