Angry New Yorkers Shout at AOC to Close the Border Due to Migrant Surge

New Yorkers who have had enough of migrants flooding the streets of their city confronted Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and other Democrats during a press conference held at the Roosevelt Hotel. AOC and her cohorts called on the federal government for more money and to change laws to give migrants jobs, but the citizens of New York want the border closed to stop mass immigration.


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and other Democrats were overwhelmed during a press conference by New Yorkers who have had enough of migrants flooding the streets of their city.

The group of Democrats’ stale and tone-deaf rhetoric outside the Roosevelt Hotel Friday was drowned out by locals chanting “Send them back!” and “Close the border!”

Fox News even had to cut away from one protester who said the Democrat lawmakers “will never be allowed to walk down the streets again.”

“They [illegal migrants] get everything,” said one woman. “We need to be America first, not Americans last.”

“You just want people here to vote!” said a protester who was then put on the other side of a barrier. “You have barriers for who??!! Us!”

More chaotic footage:

Auron MacIntyre of The Blaze posted on X some thoughts on the matter:

“Nothing exemplifies the American experience quite like two politicians explaining that the only way to solve the migrant crisis is to give them all jobs and additional benefits while the actual citizens of the city demand border security.

Nobody wants mass immigration, jobs offshored, forever war, bank bailouts, or funding of foreign nations, but both parties demand these things anyway.

Want to understand the lifeblood of the empire? Look for those issues with zero popular support but unanimous political support.”

X user “@Partisan_O” had shared a more somber take:

“It’s cathartic to see politicians like AOC stammer before an angry mob, but don’t overlook the play. The self-inflicted migrant crisis is being treated like a natural disaster, which means federal aid, bigger budgets, more bureaucrats & regulations, and an expanded client base (aka a new electorate).

The democratic mechanisms New Yorkers still have access to are inadequate here; they cannot reverse the process. In other words, their votes are useless. This mess is here to stay.

What comes next will happen very fast. “Worker permits” will be the ‘responsible,’ ‘bipartisan’ solution that brings big business to the table, local officials will be bought off with relief funds, the non-profit/NGO blob will swell, and rank-and-file voters will be bludgeoned with the rhetoric of revolutionary compassion as they watch their quality of life deteriorate and any political leverage disappear.

This is the growth model.”

He went on to explain the “cavalier” attitude of AOC and company:

“If you find yourself perplexed by the cavalier attitude above, you have to remember that these people don’t fear voters; they don’t derive their power from the ‘consent of the governed.’ Many such cases.

Take a good look at California and New York. That’s the future. If you still have democratic mechanisms that function, if your consent actually matters… it’s time to get off the couch and get to work.

Once it’s gone…”

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9 months ago

The American Dream is suppose to be for Americans!

joe in Missouri
joe in Missouri
9 months ago
Reply to  Val

Ironic when there are in reality only State Citizens.
“Americans” are a creation of the 14th amendment and citizenship for the freed slaves:

I am certainly not an “American”, but a citizen of Missouri.

14th Amendment Lesson | Dave Champion tv

Last edited 9 months ago by joe in Missouri
joe in Missouri
joe in Missouri
9 months ago

It’s not OAC’s job!

This is the job of the Texas, NM, AZ, and CA state militias, who the state governors can cal out if the fake-president refuses to do so.