The US Senate, Including 18 Republicans, Passes Massive $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill

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Eighteen Republican Senators joined Democrats to passed the massive $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill that will cause inflation to continue to surge. The bill fails to protect the US border that is currently being overrun. The bill allots $575 million toward family planning, abortion and termination of American pregnancies. It will award $45 billion to Ukraine. The omnibus bill violates the Pay As You Go (PAGO) budget rules that require new spending be offset before it is authorized.

Summary by JW Williams

The enormous $1.7 trillion omnibus bill that is 4,155-page long passed, 68 – 29, in order to avoid a partial government shutdown on Friday. Senator Rand Paul called the spending plan, written by Democrats, an “abomination.” Senate Republicans Mike Braun, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, and Rick Scott also opposed the rush to pass it. Sen. Scott recommended that the House, which will be a Republican majority in the New Year, should rewrite it. The omnibus bill violates the Pay As You Go (PAGO) budget rules that require new spending be offset before it is authorized.

The omnibus bill outrageously prohibits Customs and Border Patrol from being used to improve border security. American borders are being overrun with illegal migrants.

Over $1.4 billion will be spent for membership in the United Nations and other global multilateral organizations.

The bill states $575 million “should be made available for family planning/reproductive health, including in areas where population growth threatens biodiversity or endangered species,” indicating that it will be spent on abortion and terminating American pregnancies.

Other expenditures include: $45 billion for Ukraine and the creation of “Ukrainian Independence Park” in Washington, DC, $7.5 million for LGBTQ programs, $3 million for the LGBTQ+ museum in New York, J6 prosecution funding, $3.5 million for the Office if Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, $477,000 for “anitracist” training by Equity Institute, 7,500 special interest earmarks, and $65 million for salmon.

The omnibus bill is bloated due to increases introduced from Biden’s COVID stimulus bill that still remain, and is the major cause of our current inflation problems.

Over the past two years since Biden has been in office, inflation has increased by 14%. Senator Ron Johnson said that in 2021, Congress spent $6.3 trillion, but before the COVID ‘pandemic’, Congress spent $4.44 trillion in 2019. Discretionary spending increased by 23% from 2019 to 2022.

The omnibus bill violates the Pay As You Go (PAGO) budget rules that require new spending be offset before it is authorized. Senator Rick Scott recommended that the House rewrite the bill in the New Year when Republicans will be a majority, but his proposal failed. Senator Scott said that inflation is caused by one thing, reckless government spending. He said America is $31 trillion in debt.

The 18 Republicans who voted for the bill include

  • Roy Blunt (Missouri)
  • John Boozman (Arkansas)
  • Shelley Capito (West Virginia)
  • Susan Collins (Maine)
  • John Cornyn (Texas)
  • Tom Cotton (Arkansas)
  • Lindsey Graham (South Carolina)
  • Jim Inhofe (Oklahoma)
  • Mitch McConnell (Kentucky)
  • Jerry Moran (Kansas)
  • Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
  • Rob Portman (Ohio)
  • Mitt Romney (Utah)
  • Mike Rounds (South Dakota)
  • Richard Shelby (Alabama)
  • John Thune (South Dakota)
  • Roger Wicker (Mississippi)
  • Todd Young (Indiana)

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Tom Ball
Tom Ball
3 months ago

When the president refuses to enforce laws on the books , creates laws that aren’t approved by Congress, while Congress ignores the will of the people who allegedly vote them in office , then country is neither a Republic nor a Democracy. When the press refuses to acknowledge this and instead omits important events, spins other events , and focuses on sensationalism , demagoguery, and on subjects which tend to inflame the public , divide them against themselves, then we no longer have a free press, but rather yellow journalism. A public which ignores such a government and press or… Read more »