18 Republican Governors Ask for More Refugees in Their States, While “Charities” Are Cashing In and Grifting Off of American Taxpayers

Trump signed an executive order allowing cities and states to ‘opt out’ of resettling refugees in their communities. A total of 18 Republican governors, out of 27, have betrayed citizns by placing the interests of non-citizens above them by requesting more refugee resettlement. The immoral governors include: Doug Ducey, Arizona, Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas, Brad Little, Idaho, Eric Holcomb, Indiana, Kim Reynolds, Iowa, Larry Hogan, Maryland, Charlie Baker, Massachusetts, Mike Parsons, Missouri, Pete Ricketts, Nebraska, Chris Sununu, New Hampshire, Doug Burgum, North Dakota, Mike DeWine, Ohio, Kevin Stitt, Oklahoma, Kristi Noem, South Dakota, Bill Lee, Tennessee, Gary Herbert, Utah, Phil Scott, Vermont, and Jim Justice, West Virginia.

Ned Ryun reported that the US State Department is paying refugee contractors over $2100 per refugee, of which they get to keep 45% of the money, which has nothing to do with charity or religious values. These organizations include: Church World Service (CWS), Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC), Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM), Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), International Rescue Committee (IRC), U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS), U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), and World Relief Corporation (WR).

“This is how red states become blue and how America ceases to be America.”


Fox News host Tucker Carlson and a guest discussed Republican governors in 18 states asking for refugee resettlement despite being given an option not to do so.

Introducing the Friday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment, the Fox News host recalled when Republican leaders once “made a big show of opposing Obama administration refugee policy” and supposedly “got their wish” when President Donald Trump won the 2016 election and signed “an executive order allowing cities and states to opt-out of refugee resettlement.”

However, “for some reason, no Republican governors are taking advantage of that,” Carlson said, noting that 18 GOP governors so far “have explicitly requested that more refugees be sent to their states.”

The list so far includes:

Doug Ducey, Arizona
Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas
Brad Little, Idaho
Eric Holcomb, Indiana
Kim Reynolds, Iowa
Larry Hogan, Maryland
Charlie Baker, Massachusetts
Mike Parsons, Missouri
Pete Ricketts, Nebraska
Chris Sununu, New Hampshire
Doug Burgum, North Dakota
Mike DeWine, Ohio
Kevin Stitt, Oklahoma
Kristi Noem, South Dakota
Bill Lee, Tennessee
Gary Herbert, Utah
Phil Scott, Vermont
Jim Justice, West Virginia

“We already have more than 20 million illegal immigrants living here,” Carlson said. “The last thing many struggling communities need is more low skilled migrants who may be great people but need a lot. They stress the schools and social programs while not fully integrating. That’s just true and anybody who lives in a community where it has happened will tell you that it is true. As with illegal immigration, the long term agenda of refugee settlement is to bring in future Democratic voters, obviously.”

American Majority founder Ned Ryun insisted that “refugee resettlement has nothing to do with Christianity and has everything to do with the immoral behavior of these governments and quite frankly, a perverse incentive for these government-funded charities that are acting as refugee contractors grifting off the American taxpayer.”

“U.S. State Department is paying these refugee contractors over $2100 per refugee, of which they get to keep 45%,” Ryun said. “Then they are doing this campaign on these governors saying you have to put your Christian charity into action and in an act of cowardice, most of these governors from red states are giving into this.” (RELATED: Tucker Carlson: America’s Elites Want ‘Immigration Without Limit’)

“People who hate Christianity are demanding that in the name of Christianity, Christian governors admit refugees,” Carlson responded. “But the governors aren’t actually housing any of the refugees in their own homes or paying any of their own money, so how is it Christian virtue to take other people’s money by force and give it away? I don’t member the part of the gospel.”

Ryun called the governors’ behavior “immoral,” saying their “moral imperative is to advance the interests of the citizens of their state” and “not the interests of noncitizens.”

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1 year ago

When will people dump the worthless political parties? In lieu of just dumping any and all govt which always does and always will become corrupt and rotted, people should not depend on others but gather together to screen for, get performance contracts from, and then support decent honorable candidates and run them in numbers into ALL the parties, rather than letting these stinking globalist “new” communist world odor-ists to keep screwing us over.

Clyde J. Harkins
Clyde J. Harkins
1 year ago

A scam travels around the world twice before the truth gets a chance to put its pants on. Zionism which is the mother of Globalism does not believe in the nation state or if there is such a state it should have no borders which means you have no nation.

1 year ago

Yes, but in light of the fact that the globalist own the planet lock, stock and barrel, perhaps they’ve grown weary of partitioning off their own back yards. And why shouldn’t they? Technology has indeed expanded so exponentially that there is no longer any need to keep the game going. Like it or not, we have arrived at the point where each and every one of us is now at the tender mercies of the ruling class. Future shock is no longer the future, it has arrived and it’s the HERE, it’s the NOW. With their army of facial recognition… Read more »

1 year ago

Nothing has changed. This type of human trafficking used to be called slavery. Now, it’s called refugee relief.

1 year ago

“…and I’m like, NO, you don’t get entrance into Heaven by scamming people and then giving a cut of the loot to the poor, you little THIEF!” –JESUS