Ukrainian President Zelensky Lied about the Russian Missile Attack, Tried to Draw US into War

Ukranian Prresident Zelensky
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President Zelensky continued to push the narrative that Russia was responsible for the missile strike that landed in Poland, even though evidence indicated that the weapons were Ukrainian. Poland is a NATO country and an attack against a NATO member could trigger Article 5, obligating other NATO countries to defend it. Because Russia is a nuclear power, there was a risk of nuclear war with Russia. A NATO country diplomat responded to Zelensky’s exhortation to war by stating, “This is getting ridiculous. The Ukrainians are destroying [our] confidence in them. Nobody is blaming Ukraine and they are openly lying. This is more destructive than the missile.”

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Ragnar D.
Ragnar D.
2 months ago

The globalists know that their central banking system is rapidly coming to an end. They bought themselves some time with the COVID plandemic which was their excuse to paper over their financial troubles with a pile of newly printed money. Now they’re trying desperately to start a big war so that they can say, “Sorry folks; it was THE WAR that destroyed the economy, not our criminal activity that did it.” The transparency of Zelenskyy’s corruption is stunning.