Suspected Attacker who Tried to Stab Rep. Lee Zeldin Was Arrested on Federal Assault Charge

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New York gubernatorial candidate, Lee Zeldin, a Republican Congressman. was attacked while giving a campaign speech last Saturday. David Jakubonis allegedly tried to stab Zeldin with a sharp plastic keychain, but no one was injured as Zeldin’s team neutralized the man. Jakubonis was arrested and held for only six hours before being released due to New York’s soft-on-crime laws. However, federal officers later arrested him because it is illegal to intentionally assault a federal lawmaker or member of the Executive Branch.

The troubled Army veteran who allegedly attacked US Rep. Lee Zeldin during a gubernatorial campaign stop near Rochester was hit with a federal assault charge Saturday, authorities revealed.

David Jakubonis “willfully” assaulted the congressman and Republican candidate for governor of New York “with a dangerous weapon” in Perinton on Thursday evening, an FBI agent alleged in a criminal complaint filed in United States District Court. Zeldin, 42, was unhurt.

Jakubonis allegedly violated a federal law against intentionally assaulting a federal lawmaker or member of the Executive Branch, according to the six-page affidavit written by Special Agent Timothy Klapec.

Jakubonis claimed to sheriff’s office investigators he “did not know” who Zeldin was, and that he “must have checked out,” but the federal statute doesn’t require the prosecution to prove that a suspect is aware of a victim’s position to charge someone under that law. Jakubonis also told investigators that he had drunk whiskey on Thursday, according to the affidavit.

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red eagle
red eagle
4 months ago

The NY soft on Crime laws, except for Republican and Christians, is by the communist playbook, ORDER OUT OF CHAOS!!

4 months ago

If this guy is a vet, I’d like to know if the VA has him jacked on SSRIs. As a Vietnam vet I needed some basic benefits about 15yrs ago. I’ve been in healthcare for 35yrs and knew what big Pharma is all about. To “help”, the doc at the VA offered free “vaccines” and asked me if I had PTSD? Offered up all the meds needed to fry me. Nope Took a hike, never went back. VA Criminal Enterprise

4 months ago
Reply to  Robert

County Health Dept not much different after seeing what they did to a distant neighbor suffering several emotional traumas at once. Rather than getting her a good psychologist, they got her a bunch of drugs.