What Most of Us Do Not Want to Know about Cell-Phone Technology

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Here are the hard questions this article answers. You will not like some of the answers.
What is wireless technology?
Wireless  technology  is  any  means  of  sending  information  or  energy  through  space without wires. It includes:
•  satellites, radar, radio, television, cell towers, cell phones, cordless phones, microwave ovens
•  smart meters, WiFi, Bluetooth, fitness trackers, smartwatches, baby monitors
•  wireless keyboards, mice, printers, headphones and speakers,wireless security  systems,  wireless car keys,  wireless  garage  door  openers,  wireless battery chargers, remote controls, wireless microphones
•  RFID chips in credit cards and driver’s licenses, radio collars and chips in wildlife, cattle and pets, chips in home appliances
•  wireless hearing aids, assistive listening devices, medical alert pendants,chips in medical implants, wireless pacemakers
•  autonomous vehicles, drones, and robots
•  numerous other radio-enabled devices that are proliferating in today’s world
Every one of these devices, without exception, emits radiation.
What’s wrong with wireless technology?
By substituting radiation for wires, wwe are swimming in an ocean of artificial electromagnetic fields that are interfering with life itself. We are in effect electrocuting ourselves, our children, our pets, the insects, birds, animals, trees, and plants around us, and all living creation. We are killing our planet.
This is about long-term exposure, right? Cancer takes years to develop?
No. The effects are rapid. Heart rate changes immediately. Blood sugar rises in minutes. Having wireless devices in your house interferes with your sleep and your memory. Using a cell phone destroys brain cells in minutes to hours, and can cause a stroke or a heart attack. Studies show that even cancer can develop within months of first exposure. When a cell tower is turned on. birds leave the area immediately. Insects disappear. Even slugs and snails vanish. Most of this takes no time at all.
What types of radiation are used in wireless technology?
Studies show that even cancer can develop within months of first exposure. When a cell tower is turned on, birds leave the area immediately. Insects disappear. Even slugs and snails vanish. Most of this takes no time at all.
What types of radiation are in wireless technology?
All frequencies of radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, lasers, sound waves, even nuclear radiation. Most home devices use microwaves.
Isn’t microwave radiation natural? Don’t microwaves come from the sun and stars?
Almost all the radiation we receive from the universe is the light and heat from the sun, not  microwave radiation. The  microwave radiation a person receives from an average cell tower is millions of times stronger than all the microwave radiation from the sun and stars. The microwave radiation a person’s brain receives from their cell phone is billions of  times stronger than the microwave radiation from the sun and stars. And at any particular frequency it is trillions of times stronger than the microwave radiation he or she receives from the sun and stars at that frequency. And the faint microwaves from the sun and stars are not pulsed and modulated. It is the pulsations and modulation that cause much of the harm.

Read full article here:   https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Frequently-Asked-Questions.pdf

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Ragnar D.
Ragnar D.
9 months ago

Great information. Also check out the book “The Invisible Rainbow” by Dr. Firstenberg which explains more about how we’re being injured and sickened by the sea of electromagnetic radiation around us. At least try to keep your cell phone a little distance away from your head so you don’t get a brain tumor as quickly.

9 months ago

Sounds waves are not “radiation”(EMR / EMF)! Sound is a molecular mechanical vibration of molecules(compression are rarefaction of air molecules traveling in a longitudinal waveform). “Heat” is not EMR/EMF(“radiation”). Infrared light is EMR. Heat(in physics terms) is the effect of molecular vibration of matter. Infrared light can generate heat in objects, but it is not the same thing. The sun emits infrared light and other frequencies of the Electromagnetic spectrum which has the effect of generating heat on earth. (I wont go into scalar-energy physics, which is a vast topic…) Also, they need to distinguish between “Native EMF” and “Non-Native… Read more »

Wynn Randall
Wynn Randall
9 months ago


9 months ago

Good info, and the stuff about animals responding to towers is particularly interesting (though the text duplicates). However, the reference to nuclear radiation sounds incorrect, as that tends to imply particulate radiation (alpha particles, betas). Gamma rays can be a nuclear effect but are too high an energy (exaherz rather than gigaherz) to emit from a device. People often confuse particulate radiation and EM (electromagnetic: everything from microwaves to visible light to x-rays and beyond in both directions, which is all the same phenomenon but just at just different frequencies). So unless there’s a trace amount of radioactive matter in… Read more »