The Causes and Consequences of the Ukraine Crisis

February 28, 2022 John Mearsheimer and Katana17 5

Ukraine is divided and is fighting a civil war between the Ukrainian-speaking people in the western part of the country and the Russian-speaking people of the east. Mearsheimer blamed the conflict on the US and its allies as they aim to peel Ukraine away from Soviet orbit and incorporate it into the West.


There’s a Secret Network – Skynet 2.0

February 25, 2022 Rob Braxman Tech 5

This new secret network can send centralized commands from its master to slave devices without anyone being able to stop it. It has the most advanced location tracking capabilities. It can bypass the internet. There are billions of devices that it can utilize and potentially control.


Tucker Carlson Explains How War in Ukraine Will Affect Americans

February 24, 2022 Tucker Carlson 9

Tucker Carlson shows that hypocrisy of protecting Ukraine’s border while the southern border of the US is wide open. Carlson examines the possible effects of US involvement in Ukraine, from rising energy costs to joining a hot war to the US dollar losing its position as the world’s reserve currency.


How to End Vaccine Mandates — A History Lesson

February 24, 2022 Dr. Mercola 4

Dr. Mercola chronicles 200 years of outbreaks of smallpox and plagues, which were often related to lack of sanitation and poor diet. Forced vaccine programs failed to prevent infection and transmission. Those who don’t know their history are bound to repeat it.