California: Elementary Student Wearing N95 Mask Outside Passed Out in Extreme Heat

10-year-old Liraz Baradarian, Fox video
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Beverly Hills: 10-year-old Liraz Baradarian was playing on the field when she collapsed. Coincidentally, the 4th grader’s collapse comes a day after the Beverly Hills Board of Education heard from parents rallying against masks…especially outside. She was forced to wear an N95 mask outside in the extreme heat and passed out due to dehydration. Currently, the state of California requires all K-12 students and staff to wear masks indoors. And Los Angeles County also requires wearing masks outdoors on campus.

A parent told FOX 11 that an elementary school student in Beverly Hills who was forced to wear an N95 mask outdoors in extreme heat passed out due to dehydration.

10-year-old Liraz Baradarian was playing on the field when she collapsed.

“I passed out and I didn’t have any water and they wouldn’t give me any water,” Liraz told FOX 11.  “They come and say ‘put your mask on’ but I need a breath,” the 4th grader explained.

Beverly Hills Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Michael Bregy and Hawthrone Elementary School Principal Sarah Kaber sent out a memo to parents Wednesday night stating that there was a medical incident early that day at Hawthorne Elementary.

The school officials said they were unable to disclose private information, but added that they wanted to “address the speculation about the heat, outdoor making lunchtime sports, and the impact these factors may have played in the incident.”

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Ragnar D.
Ragnar D.
6 months ago

Come on, what’s everyone so upset about? We all know that the public school system loves this little girl. The same can be said about the LA County health department, the California Department of Public Health, and the Chinese manufacturer of the mask that almost suffocated her. Let’s make sure that she gets her COVID shot because Pfizer and Moderna love her too! I’m just disappointed in LA’s Fox 11 news station for speaking negatively about the N95 mask. Fox 11 news is obviously opposed to good health.

6 months ago

The school districts are paid millions of dollars from Biden’s America Rescue Plan IF they enforce mask wearing, social distancing, contact tracing, vaccines, etc. This why the school boards will not lift the mask mandate all over the country. Parents need to confront their school boards about this taking of federal money.