Farmers and Truckers Stopped from Providing Food as Supply Chain Is Destroyed

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Ice Age Farmer gives examples around the globe of how supply chains are being destroyed to cause food shortages. Unvaccinated consumers have been denied access to food through vaccine passports. In Western Australia, unvaxxed farmers will be prevented from delivering their grain crops. New trucking regulations will require truck drivers crossing the US-Canadian border to be vaccinated. A document from Botswana stated that the country will not import staple crops, which will ensure food shortages, in order to “enhance the RESET AGENDA.” China has been hoarding grain, owns half of the world’s supply, and is driving up prices. The current scenarios were predicted in John Podesta’s war game, ‘Food Chain Reaction Game,’ funded by George Soros, predicted events that are happening today.

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A Canadian father who has not been vaccinated against Covid has temporarily lost the right to see his 12-year-old child. A judge ruled his visits would not be in the child’s “best interest”. The judgement is the first depriving a parent of access rights on immunization grounds.


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Jerry Clifford Kays
Jerry Clifford Kays
15 days ago

This entire sars-covid 2 scam is very well thought out, as is the planned incitement of “the vaxxed” to single out those of us “un-vaxxed” to be demonic and the reason for any and all problems that they will have, whatever illnesses that befall them, whatever food shortages, reduced services of any kind … those who refuse the shot and are thus cast out of the system reducing the manpower needed to run a normal system … we, the unshot named the Anti-Vaxxer” that have perfectly valid reasons for not getting the shot, will be judged by the general populace… Read more »