Big Three US Auto Makers Agree to Not Mandate Vaccines for UAW Union Members

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Ford, General Motors and Stellantis (formerly Fiat Chrysler) have agreed the United Auto Workers union members will not be forced to take the mandatory vaccine as a condition of employment. The Detroit automakers are asking their roughly 153,000 plant employees represented by the United Auto Workers to voluntarily submit their Covid-19 vaccination status, however, it is not mandatory. Ford and Stellantis have both required salaried employees to get vaccinated. GM has not announced a vaccine mandate.

A big win for medical privacy and the principles of freedom.  Ford, General Motors and Stellantis have agreed the United Auto Workers union members will not be forced to take the mandatory vaccine as a condition of employment.  [UAW Announcement] Additionally, the vaccine status of the workers will remain private with a policy of private and voluntary disclosure.

UAW – At a meeting Monday evening, the COVID-19 Joint Task Force, comprised of the UAW, Ford, General Motors and Stellantis, has aligned on a policy of voluntary and confidential disclosure of vaccination status for UAW members. Each company will provide additional communication to employees on how, where and when to report their vaccination status.

In addition to encouraging members to disclose their vaccination status, the Task Force continues to urge all members, coworkers, and their families to get vaccinated and get booster vaccinations against COVID-19, while understanding that there are personal reasons that may prevent some members from being vaccinated, such as health issues or religious beliefs.

After reviewing the status of CDC and OSHA guidelines, the Task Force also decided it is in the best interest of worker safety to continue masks in all worksites at this time.

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Ragnar D.
Ragnar D.
1 year ago

The power of the individual can indeed overcome the power of the collective as seen here with these large soulless corporations not being able to force their employees to submit to the will of the global depopulation enthusiasts. I am reminded of an Ayn Rand quote in which she had asserted that the smallest minority is the individual person and that someone who does not stand up for the individual cannot claim to be for protecting minority rights.

Fastt Ed
Fastt Ed
1 year ago

Buy American brand – made in USA cars. Period. Keep our money HERE.
Oh yeah, “Chrysler” is owned by Fiat which is NOT an American company.