Director of the US Congressional Task Force to Protect the Power Grid Explains Why it is Doomed

Peter Pry, Red Pill Expo
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A US electromagnetic task force warned that nine out of ten Americans could die from starvation, disease and societal collapse from destruction of our electrical system. But there are ways to protect the grid and its infrastructure, including communications, transportation, business, finance, and food and water. Peter Pry is Director of the US Congressional Task Force to protect the power grid from EMP, cyber warfare, physical sabotage and solar flares and will be speaking at the Red Pill Expo to be held in Lafayette, Louisiana on November 6-7. The list of speakers, and tickets to attend this event or to live-stream it can be found at: -GEG

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Ragnar D.
Ragnar D.
7 months ago

This is a very important issue that gets little to no attention most of the time. I doubt that our “leadership” is going to do anything to fix the problem, so we must start preparing on our own. Backup generators and off-grid solar electricity systems are feasible for the individual prepper. Battery backup systems for your home and business are also good ideas even if we don’t have a full-blown EMP attack. With the current “third-world-ification” of the U.S. and other advanced nations, we have to become less reliant on the power grid.