AG Merrick Garland Threatens Parents who Oppose Critical-Race Theory While his Son-in-Law Grows Rich from it

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Attorney General Merrick Garland announced he was going to use the FBI to target parents with investigation who oppose critical-race theory (CRT) and speak against it at local school-board meetings. CRT promotes anti-white racism. It turns out the AG’s son-in-law is making lots of money selling the books used by schools to teach the racist theory. AG Garland has a huge conflict-of-interest, as his daughter, Rebecca Garland, is married to Alexander (Xan) Tanner, the co-founder of an education resource company, Panorama Education, that pushes critical-race theory – which angry parents across the country are protesting. Panorama also collects social and emotional data from students in grades K to 12. Panorama holds multimillion dollar contracts with school boards across the country. Critics say this is a “declaration of war” on parents and an intimidation of political opponents. -GEG

Attorney General Merrick Garland is under scrutiny after a parents group revealed that his daughter is married to the co-founder of an education company funded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that allegedly employs critical race theory in its work, according to a report.

The disclosure comes as the attorney general announced on Monday that the FBI will help investigate increasing accounts of alleged threats against teachers and school board members in response to critical race theory being taught in schools — an action that critics slammed as a “declaration of war” on parents and intimidation of political opponents.

His daughter, Rebecca Garland, is married to Xan Tanner, the co-founder of Boston-based Panorama Education, a company that collects social and emotional data from students in grades K to 12, Fox News reported on Wednesday.

Asra Nomani, the vice president of investigations and strategy of Parents Defending Education, which opposes the Justice Department’s enforcement actions, tweeted about the connection.

“Merrick Garland has declared a war on parents,” Nomani posted on Tuesday. “His daughter is married to the cofounder of @PanoramaEd which is under fire for its multimillion contracts with school boards. At @DefendingEd, parents sent us tips. We raised the alarm. Now Garland is trying to silence parents.”

“Panorama Education will profit from Garland’s outrageous silencing of parents who are challenging its data mining of K-12 students,” she wrote on the group’s website.

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Fastt Ed
Fastt Ed
14 days ago

FBI / FIB / KGB – same thing.

Fastt Ed
Fastt Ed
14 days ago

This “Garland” is like a cancer. He keeps showing up and he is NOT wanted.
Send him to Venezuela or Cuba.