Follow the Money to Discover who is behind the ‘Pandemic’ and also Restructuring Global Money

Dustin Moscowitz, Wiki
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David Martin, PhD, a featured speaker at The Red Pill Expo, explains that the architects of Covid-19 have been planning to readjust the global financial system for a long time. He says billionaire Dustin Moscowitz, the co-founder of Facebook, hides in the shadows behind his foil, Mark Zuckerberg. Moscowitz wrote the check to fund Event 201, a meeting that took place just weeks before the Covid-19 pandemic was announced, that created new policies on how to make people compliant during a pandemic. Dustin Moskovitz also has an investment in CRISPR technology that Martin says will be unveiled as the future of humanity after the original human genome is destroyed. David Martin, PhD, is an inventor, financier, professor and entrepreneur who will be speaking at Red Pill Expo to be held in Lafayette, Louisiana on November 6-7. The list of speakers, and tickets to attend this event or to live-stream it can be found at: -GEG

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jake max
jake max
1 year ago

not really finding the duston mokowitz funded the 201 event? bill gates doesnt need someone else writing the check idk

1 year ago

We need a action plan; what can we do now. how can we impact these monsters’ bottom lines. all they care about is $ how can we show them we are in control and not them? turn about is fair play. it is past time for us to get our lives back and for them to sit down.