‘Personal Carbon Allowances’ Being Pushed Supposedly to Fight Global Warming

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Supposedly to fight the virus, governments have shut down entire economies. Vaccine passports and contact tracing are being rolled out that are based on the Communist-Chinese social-credit system. Employment and the ability to participate in normal society will depend on proving that one has received a vaccine. Likewise, globalists plan to use non-existent man-made global warming as justification for taking  more control over the masses. An article in the journal Nature advocated that governments redesign transport systems, cities, production and distribution of food, markets for financial investments, health systems, and much more. The objective is to establish a technocracy as a permanent fixture, with the impossible goal of “net-zero” carbon emissions. This article proposes restricting human behavior by using “personal carbon allowances,” or PCAs that would grant a tradable carbon allowance that reduces over time. The allotment would act like WW2 ration cards that limited the purchase of gasoline and other commodities. People in shortage would be able to buy additional units in the personal carbon market from those with excess to sell, which means that the rich will keep their private planes and other luxuries. -GEG

The COVID-19 pandemic offered an unprecedented excuse for wannabe authoritarians to stifle liberty.

To fight the virus, once unthinkable government controls abound. Entire economies have been shut down, businesses closed involuntarily, and people thrown out of work.

Contact-tracing apps were invented to alert the user when exposed to someone with the virus, but they also keep a clear record of individual movements.

Vaccine mandates enforced through phone-app-facilitated “passports” are now proliferating. Soon, continued employment or the ability to participate in society freely may depend on proving that one has received a vaccine.

OK, Wesley. That’s admittedly tough medicine, but it was necessitated as a public health measure to defeat a dangerous communicable disease. Once COVID-19 fades away or becomes endemic like the flu, everything returns to normal. Right?

Not if the technocrats get their way. COVID-19 whetted their appetite for power, and now they want their existing “temporary” sway over how we live to become a permanent fixture of society.

The question is how to get people to surrender more of their liberty. One potential plan would impose an international technocratic control in the name of preventing future pandemics.

Such an approach was laid out in 2020 by Dr. Anthony Fauci in a co-authored piece in a science journal advocating that the U.N. and the WHO be empowered to enact measures that would “rebuild the infrastructure of human existence.”

Fighting global warming presents an even more ominous pretext for establishing the system of rule by experts. Restrictions on personal liberty have long been promoted as a necessary prophylactic to prevent environmental degradation. But now they’re being peddled as a means of protecting human health and wellness.

And the “good news”—from the autocratic perspective—is that, unlike COVID-19, the goal of “net-zero” carbon emissions, which we’re told must be imposed to keep us from boiling like a lobster in the pot, could never be achieved. Genius! That means the technocracy would never end.

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