Largest US Teachers Union Promotes Critical Race Theory and Vows to Fight Critics, Including Parents

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The National Education Association, the largest teachers’ union with 2.3-million members, recently passed a resolution to promote critical race theory (CRT) in all 50 states and 14,000 local K-12 school districts. CRT is a Marxist program that pits racial groups against each other, asserts that minorities are disadvantaged because o their race, condemns capitalism, criticizes patriarchy, and blames ‘white supremacy’ for almost everything. The National Education Association has vowed to to “fight back” against those opposing CRT, including grassroots parent organizations, and pledged to help teachers “fight back against anti-CRT rhetoric.” Last month, the Louden County School Board in Virginia met to hear public comments on the curriculum that includes teaching CRT and transgenderism to students. 259 parents signed up to speak, but the assembly then was called “unlawful” and shut down by the Board. The crowd cheered after former Virginia State Senator Dick Black spoke out against transgender programs being pushed on children. Several parents were arrested by police. -GEG

Parents protesting against anti-white critical race theory and transgenderism being pushed on their children in Loudoun County, Virginia were violently arrested by police on Tuesday after a school board meeting was declared an “unlawful assembly.”

The Loudoun County school board cut off the mic of legendary Virginia State Senator Dick Black as he spoke out against transgender lunacy being pushed on children in schools. After the crowd erupted in cheers, the board voted to shut down the entire meeting.

Parents were then brutalized and arrested as can be seen in the top videos.

From The Daily Mail:

The Loudoun County School Board in Virginia cut off public comment during a meeting on Tuesday as residents debated contentious transgender policy proposals and Critical Race Theory.

County residents arrived early to pack the auditorium as 259 residents signed up to speak during the public comment session before the debates became so heated that at least two men were eventually arrested for refusing to leave the building. The men were protesting the policy.

The parents debated a draft of the proposed 8040 policy on restrooms that reads that ‘students should be allowed to use the facility that corresponds to their gender identity,’ as school district leaders say they are moving to make schools more inclusive for transgender students – something that is considered by some parents as challenging traditional religious beliefs.

According to Fox News, the comments went rather smoothly through the first half-dozen speakers who supported the 8040 proposal until the seventh speaker was booed for insulting Christian parents in the district who oppose the policy.

The woman, who identified herself as the mother of a transgender Loudoun student, had said that ‘hate’ was ‘dripping from the followers of Jesus in this room’ – which promoted the board to call a five-minute recess for parents to cool down.

Brenda Sheridan, the board chair, warned residents after the recess that members of the board had voted unanimously to end public comment if the room again became disruptive.

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NY Post:

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4 months ago

All you “young guns” and responsible grand-parents need to get your innocent children out of those COMMUNIST TRAINING CAMPS. If you cannot afford send them to private, christian, or catholic schools then HOME school them. Their beautiful, innocent, young minds MUST be saved from the COMMUNIST NEA and BREAK the damn union.

Karl McGaugh
Karl McGaugh
4 months ago

Defund the union-led schools and fund parents of school-age children so they can go to the private school of their choice. The “government” should not be involved in operating schools. It’s what the founders called establishing a religion. The “government-run” schools are secular-religious schools.

Tom Ball
Tom Ball
4 months ago “(April 8, 2021 / JNS) The president of a national teachers’ union said American Jews are part of an “ownership class” in the United States who want to take opportunities away from others.” snip “When asked about parents who have been criticizing teachers who are resistant to resuming in-person learning in schools due to possible exposure to COVID-19, Weingarten, who is Jewish and lives in New York City, targeted American Jewish critics in particular. “American Jews are now part of the ownership class,” she said. “Jews were immigrants from somewhere else. And they needed the right to have public… Read more »

Tom Ball
Tom Ball
4 months ago

Randi Weingarten Has Denied a ‘Woke’ Infiltration of Classrooms. Now She Is Vowing To Defend the Right To Teach It.