The January 6 Capitol Protesters Are Being Persecuted, Imprisoned and Bankrupted by the Justice Department

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Julie Kelly appeared on the Mark Levin show and revealed that nearly 500 January 6 protesters have been arrested, mostly on misdemeanor charges, and are being held at a special prison, have been beaten and abused by prison guards, and have been denied bail under the pre-trial detention orders. None of the protesters who were arrested inside the Capitol were carrying firearms. Over 14,000 hours of video footage is being hidden. Democrats and the biased media want people to believe the false narrative that the protest was a white supremacy movement. Kelly said that politicians, the Capitol Police and the media continue to lie about the protest to keep the prisoners in jail and to intimidate conservatives if they step out of line.

At the same time, the DOJ is dropping charges against rioters in Portland who attacked police, injured people, and caused property damage to a federal courthouse, highlighting the unequal administration of justice.

After Kelly appeared on the TV show, the political prisoners were punished with solitary confinement.

Jan 6 protesters being held in indefinite pre-trial detention in DC for as little as “trespassing” into the Capitol building have reportedly been placed on lockdown in retaliation for a Fox News show on Sunday where Mark Levin, Julie Kelly and Senator Ron Johnson exposed how they’re being tortured, beaten, racially abused and locked in solitary confinement.

“Now getting reports the Deplorable Jail will be on lockdown as punishment for Mark Levin show last night,” American Greatness reporter Julie Kelly said Monday on Twitter. “I’ve heard this from a few sources already this morning.”

“We just found out that are locking us down for an entire week in retaliation for that Levin special on us last night,” a statement Kelly included said. “No phone calls, no rec time, 5 min shower, 24 hrs in our cells.”

“They are trying to silence us for getting the truth out.”


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