China Boasts Miracle Surge of 100 Times More Organ ‘Donors’ Since 2015, when It Claimed to End Forced Harvest of Prisoners’ Organs

China claims 1.77 million people have been registered as organ donation volunteers, which is more than 100 times the number of organ donors in 2015, when the country claimed it ended its practice of using prisoners as forced donors. The increase in organ ‘donors’ coincides with China building a massive system of concentration camps in 2017 for ethnic minorities, mostly Muslim Uyghurs. China vaunted the increase in donors after a Uyghur Tribunal was held in London last week that presented testimonies and evidence that China’s Communist Party has, for decades, been been killing its political prisoners to sell their organs to the highest bidder. Practitioners of Falun Gong, a spiritual and meditation system based on ancient Asian practices, have been the main source of organs and were targeted for arrest for refusing to submit to communist authority. Uyghurs are undergoing medical testing on a scale that could allow them to become an “organ bank”.

The Chinese Communist Party celebrated on Sunday that the current number of organ donation “volunteers” in the country is 100 times the size it was in 2015, shortly before China began building concentration camps for ethnic minorities.

China’s state-run Global Times in particular applauded an alleged increase in the number of organ donation volunteers since the first outbreak of Chinese coronavirus began in central Wuhan city in late 2019. Reports published last year indicated a potential rise in the live harvesting of organs from political prisoners in desperate attempts to perform lung transplants on coronavirus patients.

“More than 1.77 million people have been registered as an organ donation volunteer as of Friday at China Organ Transportation Development Foundation (COTDF), an institute supported by China’s National Health Commission,” the state newspaper reported. “The number shows an increase of about 46.5 percent compared with the number at the end of 2019, despite the impact of the epidemic, according to a report released by COTDF at a Friday conference held in Yan’an, Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province.”

“It is also 100 times higher than at the beginning of 2015, when citizens’ voluntary organ donation after death officially became the only legal channel for organ transplantation in China,” the Global Times added, noting that China’s National Health Commission implemented a two-year campaign beginning in late 2020 to convince Chinese citizens to donate their organs to the state. As a communist country, the Communist Party controls the entire Chinese healthcare system and private medical care does not exist.

The acclaim in the government propaganda follows the culmination of the “Uyghur Tribunal” last week in London, a non-government series of testimonials from experts and victims of the Communist Party detailing years of human rights abuses against the ethnic Uyghur people and other minorities in China. Experts testified there that the body of evidence that the Communist Party harvests the organs of concentration camp victims and political prisoners to offer “on-demand” transplants has grown since the establishment of those camps. Satellite evidence suggests that China began building the massive system of concentration camps in western Xinjiang province in 2017, two years after the Global Times claimed that the number of “volunteers” offering their organs increased 100-fold in comparison to today.

The evidence at the Uyghur Tribunal has followed decades of allegations from religious and political minorities in China that the Communist Party kills political prisoners to sell their organs to the highest bidder. Among the most vocal groups denouncing the regime are those who practice Falun Gong, a spiritual and meditation system based on ancient Asian practices, who say their organs are highly prized because their members abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol and dedicate significant effort to their fitness.

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