Man Accused of Anti-Asian Attack in NYC Was on Parole for Killing His Mother

Brandon Elliot, surveillance video
Brandon Elliot, 38, is accused of attacking a 65-year-old Asian woman in New York City who was walking to church. Elliot is a homeless man living at a hotel serving as a homeless shelter when he was caught on surveillance video knocking the senior citizen to the ground, stomping on her, and making racial slurs. She reportedly suffered a broken pelvis. Elliot was arrested and is facing charges of felony assault and assault as a hate crime. Several apartment building workers in the lobby who witnessed the event appeared to do nothing to intervene and closed the door. Elliot was already on lifetime parole after fatally stabbing his mother to death in front of his five-year old sister in 2002 when he was 19-years-old. He was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for the murder and received parole in November 2019. New York has implemented drastic changes to its parole and bail policies that have put the public in harm’s way and contributed to skyrocketing crime over the past year. A conservative New York state lawmaker said that local governments were threatened to change their policing policies to align with progressive liberals or risk losing their state funding. -GEG

A homeless man accused of attacking a 65-year-old Asian-American woman in New York City on Monday was on parole for killing his mother.

The man, Brandon Elliot, 38, was arrested and faces multiple charges, including felony assault as a hate crime, separate assault and attempted assault, and attempted assault as a hate crime, the New York Times reported.

Elliot was living at a Midtown Manhattan hotel serving as a homeless shelter when police said he was caught on surveillance footage punching and kicking Vilma Kari, 65, who was walking down the street Monday morning in front of an apartment building.

The video provided by NYPD CrimeStoppers showed the man kicking Kari in the chest outside the apartment building. After she collapsed on the sidewalk, the suspect then kicked her repeatedly in the head.

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9 days ago

There’s your “white supremacist” for you. lying MSM claim it was White attacks on Asian which is FALSE.
these lying communists INCLUDING the ADL want to see white people demonized. it’s starting to look EXACTLY like 1930s Germany!