Media Deceptively Edits 911 Call & Video of Police Shooting a Knife-Wielding Teen Girl

Columbus police bodycam footage
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Columbus, Ohio: Police responded to a call requesting help for an attempted stabbing at a home owned by a woman who provides foster care for children and teens. When police arrived, there was a group of young people in the front yard involved in an argument. Ma’Khia Bryant, a 16-year old Black girl, charged at another girl, knocking her to the ground. The fallen victim was then kicked in the head by a male. Bryant, swinging a knife, then lunged at another female when the officer shot Bryant four times and killed her just in time to prevent the stabbing. The media, led by the New York Times and the Washington Post, neglected to inform in their tweets and early reports that Bryant was armed and threatened two other teens with a knife. NBC News pushed the ‘unarmed’ lie with a deceptive edit of the 911 call to remove a reference to the attempted stabbing, and NBC stopped the video right before it shows the teen is holding a knife. The Columbus Police Department released the officer’s bodycam footage of the shooting which clearly shows the attack leading to the shooting. A critic noted that it is almost as if the media wants more riots. NBA basketball player LeBron James tweeted a photo of the police officer who saved a young black girl from getting stabbed, with the threat “YOU’RE NEXT.” LeBron deleted the tweet after receiving backlash on Twitter for inciting violence against the officer. Incidentally, police are expected to use deadly force, if necessary, to protect themselves or others. -GEG

The woman kitty-corner across the street from Donavon Brinson has fostered any number of girls over many years, so when he pulled into his driveway after running errands Tuesday afternoon and saw a commotion among some girls outside there, he wasn’t worried.

“They were calling each other the B-word, so I figured it was just a girl fight,” Brinson said.

But when he took his dog, Max, out back, things hadn’t quieted down. In fact, he said, the yelling had escalated.

So he went inside. Then Columbus police arrived, and he heard four shots. His wife, Rachel, hit the floor. He peeked out his laundry room window and saw the aftermath — 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant shot and dying on the ground.

It wasn’t like anything Brinson, who bought the house on Legion Lane in December from his father — who had lived there for 14 years — had ever seen.

He immediately thought about his security camera on his garage. He watched the footage. He saw the fight, saw the glint of the knife.

And while what happened is tragic, Brinson said, it all happened so fast that he didn’t see how the officer could have time to have done anything else.

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