Los Angeles: Bill Gates ‘Daily Pass’ Software Will Scan Kids to Attend School

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The ‘Daily Pass’ app was developed with Microsoft to generate a unique daily QR code after students get negative test results for COVID-19. It reports temperatures and obtains answers to daily health questions, all of which are designed to pressure kids to get vaccinated. Students must confirm they have not been in close physical contact with anyone with symptoms, have not traveled outside of Southern California for the past 10 days, and they must confirm that they have been “as safe as possible.” This is the beginning of data collection and social engineering to control attitude, behavior, and travel. -GEG
  • Los Angeles Unified School District announced “a one-stop-shop web app” built to generate a unique daily QR code to allow students access to school
  • The app subtly pressures students and employees into taking the vaccine and users are told their information will be shared anonymously with researchers and health care collaborators
  • Despite evidence that infection rates in the school are the same as in the surrounding community, students are being forced to wear masks all day with a significant risk of physical, behavioral and psychological harm
  • It’s important to remember these strategies are built to transform your behavior, surveil your actions and control your future. It is crucial to share information from studies and independent journalists not shared by mainstream media

You expect to produce a ticket to get on a plane, train or enter the theater. But Bill Gates has designed it so children in Los Angeles need a ticket to go to school.1

The app is called the Daily Pass and follows on the heels of the city’s digital vaccine verification announced in January 2021. Digital health passports and vaccine verifications are the beginning of data collection and social engineering that are being designed to change your behavior and control your movements.

These digital passports are being fed to a public that is weary of lockdowns and mask-wearing and longs for the ability to get back to some semblance of normalcy. It is being dangled as a mechanism for freedom. Adults will be required to show proof of a vaccine or a recent negative COVID-19 test before being able to travel, attend a concert or enjoy a meal in their favorite restaurant.

The problem is that to live life freely, you must have “papers.” Instead of freedom, it’s discrimination and a movement toward technocratic fascism, setting the stage for increased surveillance and erosion of your privacy. Despite this blatant move toward a surveillance state, many are welcoming digital passports because they’ve been led to believe it’s necessary to protect public health and safety.

The new Daily Pass app rolled out in Los Angeles is the next step in adjusting the behaviors and movements of children with full knowledge that when children are acclimated to the requirements of the Great Reset, it’s more likely they will continue to “follow the leader” as adults.

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Additional source with video:     https://www.foxla.com/news/lausd-announces-app-to-coordinate-covid-19-factors-in-step-toward-reopening

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5 months ago

The Gates family need to be dealt with. They are unwise and uneducated idiots who THINK they know ‘something.’

5 months ago

Get Bill Gates the heck out of power to tamper with our lives and our earth!!!