Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to Prevent Implementation of ‘Vaccine Passports’ in His State

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

The Washington Post revealed that the Joe Biden regime is developing a “vaccine passport” that would require Americans to present proof of vaccination before being allowed to engage in commerce. The regime is working with private companies that will apply the pressure for the passports and for Americans to take the Covid vaccines. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said on Monday that he is planning to issue an executive order preventing local governments and businesses from requiring any kind of “vaccine passport.” He also signed a bill to shield business owners from being liable for someone else getting infected with COVID in the state.

After months of speculation, today The Washington Post confirmed that the Biden regime is developing a “vaccine passport” that Americans may need to present to prove they have received their COVID-19 vaccine before they will be allowed to engage in commerce in a “return to normalcy” that looks nothing like the past.

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From the Post Millennial:

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) of FL said on Monday that he is planning to enact an executive order preventing local governments and businesses from requiring any time of “vaccine passports”.

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1 month ago

Ron DeSantis seems to have a clear head on his shoulders. An influx of deplorables may be heading for the Sunshine State.

1 month ago

If there is ANYTHING left of this nation ( which I doubt ) then Gov. Ron should take the WH. I voted for him and proud of the fact.