Biden Authorizes $4-Billion in US Taxpayer Money to Pay for Vaccine-Injuries in Other Countries

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President Biden pledged $4-billion to the COVAX program, the international COVID-19 vaccine project of the Bill Gates-founded GAVI organization, led by the World Health Organization and G7 countries. The money will be used for a no-fault compensation program for vaccine injuries in 92 low and mid-income countries. The money also will be used to purchase 1.3-billion vaccine doses for poor countries. American and European taxpayers will pay for the injuries and deaths, not the companies that make the products that cause them. -GEG

For the past few weeks since the roll-out of the experimental COVID mRNA “vaccines” we’ve been told by government health agencies that the massive amounts of injuries and deaths that have occurred just after the injections have nothing to do with the “vaccines.”

And yet, Joe Biden just recently gave the World Health Organization and GAVI, the global vaccine organization founded and funded primarily by Bill Gates, a $4 BILLION pledge for a new COVAX Program which includes a global compensation program for COVID-19 vaccine injuries, courtesy of American taxpayers, in an effort to entice poorer countries who are skeptical of the new COVID vaccines to distribute Big Pharma’s COVID injections.


Robert Krakow, a New York City attorney and former prosecutor who represents persons injured by vaccines said in an interview,

The most notable feature of The Who announcement about a “no-fault” vaccine injury compensation program for “low and middle income countries” touted as a “fast, fair, robust and transparent process”, is its lack of transparency.

The program is presented as a way to “reduce the need for recourse to the law courts, a potentially lengthy and costly process.”

What the WHO announcement fails to mention is the primary purpose of the program is to pave the way for massive distribution of vaccines by insulating vaccine manufacturers from liability for serious vaccine injuries – injuries that everyone agrees will inevitably happen.

The WHO program is likely modeled after the U.S. PREP Act Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP), which uses an opaque process that severely limits the access vaccine injury victims have to compensation for serious injuries.

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Phillip Mezzapelle
Phillip Mezzapelle
6 months ago

If it wasn’t the vaccine that killed them, what was it?

6 months ago

You need the real figure as to how much is spent on the various portions of the program if that number is eventually disclosed. Also further analysis would look into if and how much vaccine manufacturers are contributing.

Dwayne Oxford
Dwayne Oxford
6 months ago

Thanx to idiot dimmercraps.

Almalee M Smith
Almalee M Smith
6 months ago

So generous of our President to look out for other countries. What about our country? Bill Gates is so kind to spend our money.