Atlanta: Man Shoots 9 People at Massage Parlors to “Eliminate Temptation”. Media Blames White Supremacy

Robert Aaron Long, Youtube
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Robert Aaron Long, a 21-year old white man, opened fire at three massage parlors in Cherokee County and Atlanta, killing six Asian women, a white woman, and a white man. A Hispanic man also was injured. Police reported that Long confessed and said the was a sex addict and wanted to “eliminate” temptation. He had previously sought professional help for his addiction. Some media outlets, along with White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki and Harvard University, suggested the shooting was a racial hate crime because former President Trump blamed Covid-19 on China. Tucker Carlson says the left is pushing the false racism narrative because the Democrat party is falling apart and needs racist white men as an enemy to unite it. -GEG

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8 months ago

America had better take action. This communist, psaki, is one example of how their “Goebbel” tactics want to hypnotize Americans ( who did NOT vote for the slime in the WH ).

8 months ago

They’re coming for your guns