The Literal Crimes of Dr. Fauci, Dr. Redfield, and Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar

David Martin, PhD, Bitchute
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David Martin, PhD, a financial technology entrepreneur, stood in front of the Senate Office Building at a freedom rally last week and read the crimes by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Robert Redfield and Alex Azar, the Secretary of Health and Human Services:

1. 18 US Code § 2339 Funding and conspiring to engage in acts of terror against the citizens of the United States
2. 18 US Code § 2331, Section 802 of the Patriot Act, Willfully lying and coercing a population to induce fear in that population for self interest.
3. 18 US Code § 1001 In October of 2020, Lying to Congress
4. 15 US Code §1 – 3 Conspiring to commit criminal activity by appropriating US taxpayer dollars to funnel the taxpayer money into their market selected corporate interest, including Moderna, Pfizer, Gilead Sciences and others.
5. 15 US Code § 8 Engaging in market manipulation and market allocation by price fixing the prices of vaccines and therapeutic interventions for COVID-19.
6. 15 US Code § 19 A federal felony crime of interlocking directorates, controlling the means, motive and message around the COVID-19 campaign.
7. 35 US Code § 206 Violation of disclosure of government interest as Fauci failed to disclose 40 patents worth $40 billion per year from which he personally benefits.
8. 35 US Code § 101 Violation of patent law by patenting nature.

Dr. Martin said that Americans have been forced us to participate in a clinical trial that violates the Federal Trade Commission Act that forbids the promotion of the treatment or prevention of disease by an untested medical technology. This is the same act that the government has used to shut down natural medicine solutions for the past 115 years.

He said that the US Department of Defense patented the weaponization of biological agents, which is an act of war and an act of treason. He further stated that $191-billion of taxpayer money has been appropriated by Congress and distributed to over 6,500 organizations, more than half of which are foreign agents. He says this is a bioweapon terror attack on the United States. He is calling for law enforcement to stand up to the crimes that he listed. -GEG

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Robert Heuermann
Robert Heuermann
1 year ago

As always good honest reporting/acknowledgment that is difficult to get anywhere else.

SS-The Independent
SS-The Independent
1 year ago

As an American Citizen who voted twice for Mr. Trump, my question is this: WHERE was/is President Trump and his advisors/Administration in this equation ?! WHY, for God sake, he didn’t…’ fire ‘ ( like in this shows ) the ‘ medical team ( 27 members, or so ), leaded by Dr. F(r)au(d)ci and Dr. Birx ?! When, after weeks of ” flattering the curve “, tens of millions were jobless, tens of thousands of businesses closed, and the economy in a nosedive ?! WHY he din’t replace them with Doctors like Mercola, Erikson, Buttar, Micovitz, Tenpenny and others ?!… Read more »

1 year ago

Thank you for the immense amount of work you are doing here and just so you know Ivermectin improves your sex life, helps you sleep better and kills cancer. . GOLD. Links here on TRUMP said there would be a medicine in six months that would replace half the ones we had. Mid 2020 after a WH Briefing as an aside . Ivermectin came out. GOLD. Ivermectin’s inventors got a prestigious Gairdner Award “The international recognition embodied in the 2014 Gairdner Award needs to be fully exploited to help ensure that those most in need gain access to and… Read more »

Mark Hunt
Mark Hunt
1 year ago

What Fauci and his henchmen have done is not just to the U.S.A but he has perpetrated his genocidal tyranny to the whole world. We the people of Australia not only hold our own government accountable for the misrepresentation of this so called vaccine and the disregard of our GOD GIVEN birth rights as human, we also point our finger squarely at Fauci and the puppet masters that are pulling the strings from behind the curtain. If they think for one minute we are going to kneel to their oppression and control they will be sorely mistaken. WE THE PEOPLE… Read more »