Mikki WIllis: How I, as a Recovering Socialist, Came to Produce the Film ‘Plandemic’

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Mikki Willis tells his story: How a recovering socialist and Bernie Sanders supporter came to produce the documentary, Plandemic, the most banned (and most viewed) Internet film in history, reportedly receiving more than one billion views. Mikki will be speaking at the Red Pill Expo at Jekyll Island, Georgia, October 10-11. For more information about attending or watching the live stream of the Red Pill Expo, visit RedPillExpo.org.
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Turning Point USA

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GEG Commentary

Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Caught on Camera

September 27, 2021 Max Resistance 1

The general public is not allowed to see banned videos such as these and, therefore, does not know these deaths are occurring or believes they are exceedingly rare. Here are just a few examples among thousands. Most tragedies of this kind are not recorded. Send this to everyone you care about.


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11 months ago

I wish I could afford it.

11 months ago

I just hope it’s not too late to get the TRUTH out and those who most need to receive it, do. I am terrified for this God-Beloved Country because there is a significant number who hate what we stand for and believe in, but I also believe we outnumber those who scream and shout so loudly, but are ineffectual in the long run. WE MUST WIN, FOLKS! Please, Please, Please, VOTE IN PERSON or HAND DELIVER YOUR BALLOT TO YOUR POLLING STATION – NOT A DROP BOX. DO NOT MAIL YOUR BALLOT or GIVE IT TO ANYONE ELSE!!! MAGA/KAG 2020… Read more »