G. Edward Griffin: How a Secret Society Created the Federal Reserve, the Source of Economic Disaster, at Jekyll Island

GEG, Youtube
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G. Edward Griffin discusses the origins of the Federal Reserve, the plot behind its creation by men who, at the time of the covert meeting in 1913, controlled a quarter of the world’s wealth, and now they control even more.  The Federal Reserve has had only negative consequences on the American economy in causing cycles of inflation and depressions. Griffin reveals the plans of the bankers, led by the Rothschild and Rockefeller families, that are now unfolding. This interview is very timely as Mr. Griffin is holding his annual Red Pill Expo on Jekyll Island this weekend, October 10 and 11.  If you cannot make it to this historic event, it will be broadcast livestream — please click this link for more details: RedPillExpo.org
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Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Pixabay

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1 year ago

And here we are clamoring for worldwide socialism. You might find this interesting? file:///C:/Users/slavko/Documents/nizam_20201007_0001.pdf Further it puzzles me terribly so a quote by Paul Warburg upon witnessing the insanity of the roaring 1920’s: “The world lives in a fools paradise based upon fictitious wealth, rash promises and mad illusions. We must beware of booms based upon false prosperity which has its roots in inflated credits and prices.” Paul Warburg after seeing this insanity had a heart and mind full of contempt for the political class and their complete ineptitude. After reading that biography on him by Chernow it often leaves… Read more »

1 year ago

G. Edward Griffin is a SMART true American…His Creature from Jekyll Island is a MUST read for any American…Our country has been “had” by these super rich globalist for many years…we have been sold out by these money hungry politicans for years….I have been following him for years and find nothing but 5/5 on his reviews…one of the few good men left…