FBI to Interview Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s Former Business Partner

Tony Bobulinski. Youtube
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Tony Bobulinski says he is the former business partner of Hunter Biden. He made a formal statement before last week’s presidential debate in which he said he was the CEO of a company called SinoHawk created to represent the Biden family in a deal with the Chinese state-owned company, CEFC Energy. He said that former Vice President Biden was well aware of his son’s business dealings, something the Democratic presidential nominee has repeatedly denied. He said that Joe Biden is part of the business deal, and was given 10% for his influence.

Bobulinski says Hunter wanted $5-million from SinoHawk, but he refused because that was not part of the original deal and also because SinoHawk never received the funds from the Chinese company. Apparently the government gave the money directly to Hunter and his associates instead. Bobulinski says he will meet with a Senate committee and provide three phones to the FBI that contain proof of his claims. The FBI, however, already has shown it is not interested in doing anything to embarrass the Bidens. It was given Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop in December 2019 and failed to take any action. FBI Director Chris Wray kept the laptop hidden. -GEG

The FBI on Friday is interviewing former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski, who came forward on Wednesday to assert that he met with Joseph R. Biden about his son’s profitable foreign business ventures.

The former vice president has assured the American people he has never discussed son Hunter’s money trail from Russian and Ukraine oligarchs and Chinese tycoons.

Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Chairman Ron Johnson, Wisconsin Republican, announced the FBI session.

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1 year ago

I’m waiting for the Bidens to create and plant just one “deep fake” sex video to publically debunk & then that would allow them to completely discredit all of the rest of the real videos. Just watch – that’s what the play will be & the masses will be stupid enough to fall for it even if it could be proven they were trying to cover their own ass (literally)

1 year ago

Too little, too late for the corrupt FBI. The consolation prize is that Wray is gone when Trump wins re-election according to an announcement by the President’s press secretary today.