Salon Owner Receives Death Threats After Releasing Video of Nancy Pelosi Getting Her Hair Done – Unmasked

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
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San Francisco: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi illustrated the double-standard enjoyed by people in power when she was captured on video having her hair done, without a mask, at a hair salon that has been shuttered for six months due to COVID-19 lock downs on small businesses. This ironic because Pelosi has called for a nationwide mandate for all Americans to wear masks. After receiving backlash on social media, she said she was ‘tricked’ into the hair appointment, and it was a ‘setup’. The business owner who shared the video has lost most of her clientele and staff due to the closure of her shop, and now she is receiving death threats and threats to burn down the salon because she released the video. -GEG

Erica Kious, a single mother and owner of eSalon in San Francisco was railroaded by Nancy Pelosi this week after she released security footage showing a maskless Pelosi getting her hair done in her shuttered salon.

Kious is now a target of death threats and will have to relocate her business.

Video released on Tuesday shows Queen Nancy Pelosi at a shuttered salon getting her hair done on Monday. Only the little people had to follow the rules. Nancy was too important.
She is also seen without a face mask… Masks are for the little people too.

On Wednesday Pelosi told reporters she took responsibility for “a set-up” and for being “tricked.”

Pelosi demanded that the salon apologize to her!

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Ben Dover
Ben Dover
2 years ago

Anyone who has the opportunity demand Nancy to ‘Name the Demon she has”
Seriously, watch her face she may say its name…