Roger Stone to Alex Jones: To Avoid Losing the Election, Trump Must Declare Martial Law

Roger Stone called into the Alex Jones’ show last week and said that, if the Democrats try to steal the election, Trump should seize total power via martial law and jail prominent figures including the Clintons and Mark Zuckerberg. The Insurrection Act of 1807 allows the president to use federal troops to enforce federal law. In a recent interview, Trump told Fox News he would happily “put down” any left wing protests. However, when he sent federal agents to confront protesters in Portland, Oregon, he removed them as soon as the news coverage was past. The violence has continued and escalated. Trump said there would be a “backlash” from the political right over the BLM Antifa riots. [He was right, of course, as any grade-school child could foresee. Why would street-wise, experienced politicians heading the Democrat Party do such a stupid thing as to side with open Communism and encourage violence and destruction knowing it will create a backlash of support for Trump? Could it be that the Deep State wants Trump to call in martial law, thereby neutralizing his staunch supporters who passionately support him? Why does the pro-martial-law lobby talk about arresting the Clintons but never Soros or Obama? They will never arrest any of them, of course, but why does the rhetoric speak of the lesser operatives and ignore the higher operatives?] -GEG

Roger Stone, whose 40-month prison sentence for lying to Congress and witness tampering in the Russia investigation was commuted by Donald Trump, has said Trump should seize total power and jail prominent figures including Bill and Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg if he loses to Joe Biden in November.

Stone was sentenced in part for lying about contacts with WikiLeaks during the 2016 election regarding emails hacked from Democratic party accounts. In turn, special counsel Robert Mueller and the Senate intelligence committee suspected Trump lied when he said he could not recall discussing the leaks with Stone.

Stone did not turn on the president. He had his sentence reduced on the recommendation of attorney general William Barr but he still faced prison before Trump acted. His conviction stands.

Both men were in Nevada on Saturday, Trump holding campaign events while Stone sought to raise money for himself.

Citing widely debunked claims of fraud around early voting, absentee balloting and voting by mail, Stone told Jones Trump should consider invoking the Insurrection Act and arresting the Clintons, former Senate majority leader Harry Reid, Zuckerberg, Tim Cook of Apple and “anybody else who can be proven to be involved in illegal activity”.

He also said: “The ballots in Nevada on election night should be seized by federal marshals and taken from the state. They are completely corrupted. No votes should be counted from the state of Nevada if that turns out to be the provable case. Send federal marshals to the Clark county board of elections, Mr President!”

Nevada has not gone to a Republican since 2004 but is shaping up to be a crucial contest this year. Biden leads there, but polls have tightened. On Saturday, after a planned rally in Reno was cancelled because of coronavirus restrictions, Trump staged an event which disregarded such strictures in Minden. His rhetoric was not far removed from that of the man he spared prison.

Attacking the Democratic Nevada governor, Steve Sisolak, Trump said: “This is the guy we are entrusting with millions of ballots, unsolicited ballots, and we’re supposed to win these states. Who the hell is going to trust him? The only way the Democrats can win the election is if they rig it.”

Stone said: “Governor Sisolak is a punk. He should not face down the president of the United States.”

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Ron Corbyn
Ron Corbyn
10 days ago

Those who have done the research know that the objective of the Zionist and Marxist communists, two sides of the same shekel, is to create conditions to justify permanent martial law.

Philip Johnson
Philip Johnson
10 days ago

I’m in agreement with you regarding the likelihood the cabal wants Trump back again for a second term. There are a number of rabid, blinded pro-Trumpers who cannot see what is happening. And it is easy take on the position of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” with Trump. I was pro-Trump early on because his rhetoric challenged the deep state and the status quo. At the same time I was cautious, wondering if he was the Manchurian Candidate. I have been thinking for some time now that all the noise about Russiagate and all the other persistent… Read more »

Tom Ball
Tom Ball
10 days ago

Of course! It doesn’t take much looking to see that the “Russian” (Jewish oligarchs) own Trump and that Trump has done nothing but “Make ISRAEL Great Again” since he’s been in office.